Editing Entity Names



Editing Entity Names

Different non-profit organizations and charities seem to use different terminology for the various classes of accounts, and some other things like common report names. ACCOUNTS allows you to select your desired terminology with the Maintenance Entity Names window:




For each of the names on this window, you can select a different option from the drop-down list, or just type in your own desired option. For the two pairs that have both a singular and a plural version, if you select an option for the singular version, the corresponding plural version will be automatically set for you.


When you are satisfied with your changes, click Save. To abandon any changes you have made, click Cancel.


In case you are wondering about option "Cash Flow Statement" on this window, no, there is currently no Cash Flow Statement report in ACCOUNTS! It may be added later, but several users have told us it is not commonly used or needed by smaller charities, churches and non-profits, which is who this program is intended for. And enabling the program to figure out what should go on it would actually introduce significant complications.


The setting for "Bill Payment" is only used to replace the name of your Accounts Payable account on the voucher section when printing cheques for bill payments. The main reason you might want to change that here is if you want it in a different language.