The Maintenance Menu


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   The Maintenance Menu

The maintenance menu contains options for maintaining various sorts of general information, setup and options for the program. The following is the list of options on this menu:


Organization InfoEdit the name, address etc. for your organization, etc. For more information see Editing General Info.
Entity NamesAllows you to change what various entities (for example Funds, or Income) and reports (for example Income Statement, or Balance Sheet) are called in the program, to match the terminology commonly used in your organization.


Main OptionsView or edit a number of options program overall, such as how many digits there are in account numbers, and whether to display account numbers in most places in the program. For more information see Editing Main Options.


Email Sending

 ConfigurationSet up the settings to allow the ACCOUNTS program to send emails. (These are your SMTP settings.) For more information see Email Sending Configuration.


Chart of AccountsUsed for maintenance of the chart of accounts for your organization.


BudgetsUsed enter or edit a budget (how much you expect in income and expenses) for any specified fiscal year.
Vendor ListSee your list of vendors, and add, edit or delete them. For more information see the Maintaining your List of Vendors.


Government FormsUsed to specify the names of government forms. You can later associate lines on those forms with specific accounts on your chart of accounts, when editing individual accounts.


Sales Tax CodesUsed to specify sales tax codes, and associated tax-related accounts, for use in register transactions.



  TransactionsUsed to see and maintain your list of both memorized and recurring transactions, including to turn a memorized transaction into a recurring one.

User Administration ⇒

  Edit Your LoginThe User Administration sub-menu is only present for users of the Web Network Version. See Web Network User Management for details. This option allows you to edit your own Web Network Version login information: email address, name and password.


User Administration ⇒

  Administer All UsersAllows an Administrator for the current Web Network Version database to add and delete users, and change their Access Levels.


Change Password ⇒

  Program Entry

  PasswordSet or change the password used to get into the program. You can remove the password by leaving the New Password fields completely empty. See Passwords for details. Not available in the Web Network Version - see the two User Administration options above instead.


Change Password ⇒

  Read Only

  PasswordSet or change the password for read-only users. Such users can view data and reports, but not enter transactions or change any data. See Passwords for details. Not available in the Web Network Version - see the two User Administration options above instead.