Saving Reports as PDF Files


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Saving Reports as PDF Files

Some users may wish to save reports to PDF files. ACCOUNTS allows you to do that, so that those documents can be emailed to others in your organization as attachments.


The Save PDF Options


To do this for reports click the Save PDF button on the window. This will bring up a "Save PDF File As" dialog, in which you can both select a directory and specify a filename to save the PDF file as. Once you do that and click Save, it will take a moment to save the PDF, then display that PDF file for you in your standard PDF viewing application (usually the Adobe Reader).


Reports can also be saved to PDF with the Save As button, which gives you some additional options like emailing the PDF version of the report to someone after it is created.


Unlike some earlier versions of ACCOUNTS, and the current version of Software4Nonprofits DONATION, the program does not contain the PDF printer "novaPDF Pro v7 for DONATION". All PDF printing is done by code internal to the program.