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Trial BalanceUsed by your accountant, lists the debit totals for accounts with a debit balance, and the credit totals for accounts with a credit balance, which should be equal. Prompts for an "as of" date, and reports from the start of the fiscal year (or calendar year, if you don't use fiscal years) including that date, up to that date.
On this report, Asset and Liability balances include all transactions up to the "as of" date; Fund/Equity balances include direct transactions on their accounts up to the "as of" date, plus the implicit transactions from linked income and expense accounts up to the end of the previous fiscal year; and Income and Expense totals are for the fiscal year, up through the "as of" date.


Note: In traditional manual accounting, the Trial Balance report was very important, because it could catch posting errors. In the ACCOUNTS program (and most current accounting software) it is impossible to get the accounts out of balance, unless of course there is a bug in the program! So it is not clear why most users would really ever need this report.


Audit TrailLists all creation, updating and deleting of transactions (your Audit Trail). Prompts for a date range of the activity dates (i.e. the original entry date, or the date it was last updated) of transactions to include, but then includes all history of transactions with activities within those dates.