Validating Your Transactions



Validating Your Transactions

The ACCOUNTS program is extremely careful to never let you create an unbalanced transaction, which in accounting terms is one where the total debits do not equal the total credits. However, in January 2018, after the program had been in existence for six years, one obscure way was found of doing that (and immediately fixed!). So we felt it was appropriate to add a new menu option to determine whether there are any such unbalanced transactions in your database.


To check for this, just run Database ⇒ Validate Transactions. When it is done, it will almost certainly give you a message saying that there were no unbalanced transactions. However, if it does find any unbalanced transactions, it will tell you so, and also tell you to run the report Reports ⇒ Administrative ⇒ Unbalanced Transactions to allow you to find and fix them.


If any unbalanced transactions are found, and they are transactions you created recently, please try to think about exactly how that transaction was entered and perhaps later edited, and report that in as much detail as possible to our technical support, so that we can try to find and fix any further very unusual bugs that could allow such a thing to happen.