- A -

A4 Paper Size for Receipts

ABN, entering


Importing Bank Deposits into

Adding Donors during Batch Entry

Administrator - running DONATION


Donations and Receipts with

American Receipts

Anonymous Donations, Handling

- B -

Backing up Letters Files

Backing up your Data

Backup Options

Backup Reminder Frequency

Backup/Restore Menu


Cloud Storage Service

Internet Security


Making Internet

Passwords for


Restoring from Old Versions

Restoring Internet

Restoring Non Backup Databases

Restoring one sent by email

Sending by Email

Setting Frequency and Options

Web Network Version

Backups and Restores

Bank Deposits


Correcting Errors in




Importing into ACCOUNTS

Importing into QuickBooks

Multiple for the same Bank and Date


Batch Entry of Donations

Bilingual or French-only Receipts

Bitmap Logos and Signatures

BN, entering

Bugs / Features

- C -

Cash Anonymous Donations, Handling

Cash, Counting


Donation Categories

Donor Categories



Change the Donor of a Donation

Changes in Different Versions of DONATION

changing dates

Changing the Date of Donations

Changing the Donor of a Donation

Changing Years in the Database

Charitable Number, entering

Charitable Receipts

Checking for Updates

Cheque # / Paid By Values

Church Assistant

Converting Data from

Church Name, Changing


Special features for

Cloud Storage Service

Command Line Arguments and Options for DONATION


Moving the Program from One to Another

Transfering your Data from One to Another

Configuring an Alternate HTML Editor

Configuring Bank Deposits

Configuring Email Sending

Configuring Internet Backups

Constant Contact

Contact Cooperstock Software

Contribution Statements


Converting Data from Geminon

Converting Data from GiftWorks

Converting Data from Membership Plus

Converting Data from Other Programs

Converting Data from Prior Versions of the Program

Converting Data from Wincrafters Church Assistant

Copying Missing Donors

Corrected Receipts

Counting Cash

Creating Bank Deposits

Creating Custom Reports

Creating Letters for One Donor

Creating Mail Merge Letters

Creating Mass Mailings

Currency Formats

Custom Reports

- D -

Daily Procedures


Importing Donations

Importing Donors

Importing from Other Programs

Data Directory


SQL Select

Using on a USB Memory Key

Database Conversion

IconConverting Data from The Church Assistant
IconConverting Data from Membership Plus
IconConverting Data from GiftWorks
IconConverting Data from Geminon

Database Maintenance

Deleting All Data

Deleting Old Data

Deleting the Latest Year's Data

Making Backups

Merging Duplicate Donors

Reassigning Envelope Numbers

Restoring Backups

Restoring Non Backup Databases

Restoring Old Backups

Splitting Donors

Switching Databases

Validating Your Database

Database Menu

Date entry with the keyboard


Changing for Donations

Display Format

Entry of using the Popup Calendar


Deleting a Donation

Deleting a Donor

Deleting All Data

Deleting Bank Deposits

Deleting Duplicate Donors

Deleting Old Data

Deleting Receipts

Deleting the Latest Year's Data

DetailsTable Field in Mail Merges


For the program's Data files

Documentation Standards

Donation Categories

Donation Options in the Program




Batch Entry

Changing the Date

Changing the Donor of



Entering and Maintaining

Entering Dates

Entering New

Gifts In Kind

Handling Anonymous

Importing from Viansoft Church Contribution System

Importing, One Time or Recurring




with Advantage (Split Receipting)

Donor Categories


Copying missing

Copying when starting a new year



Entering New



Fixing up Duplicate Names


Importing from Viansoft Church Contribution System

Mailing Labels



Sending Emails

Titles in Names

Donors Only Password

IconPasswords in the Program
IconUsing a Donors Only Password

Duplicate Donor Names


Duplicate Donors, Deleting

Duplicate Receipts

- E -

Editing a Donation

Editing a Donor

Editing Categories

Editing mail-merge documents with Word

Editing Main Window Options

Editing Multi Year Pledge Details

Editing Organization Info

Editing Paid By Values

Editing Receipt Options

Editing Single Year Pledge Details

Editing with the Internal Editor

EIN, entering

Email Sending

Gmail Problems

Email Sending Configuration

Emailed Backups


Emailing Backups

Emailing Everyone

Emailing Newsletters

Emailing Receipts and Statements

Emailing Reports


Mass Sending Services

Sending from the Program

Entering a New Donor

Entering and Maintaining Donations

Entering and Maintaining Donors

Entering Multiple Donations for One Date

Entering New Donations

Envelope Box Labels

Envelope Numbers

Entering Next Higher or Lowest Unused

Reassigning All

Envelopes for Donors or Receipts

Evaluation Versions

Excel, Exporting data to

Exporting Bank Deposits

Exporting Data from the Program

Exporting Reports to PDF Files

- F -

Fair Market Value

Features for Churches

Features of the Program

Fields usable in Mail Merge Letters and Receipts

File Menu

Files Used by the Program

Filtered Receipts

Filtering Reports

Finding a Donor

Firebird Server


Local Network Version

Web Network Version

Fiscal Year

Changing the start date


Fiscal Year Data Entry and Receipting

Fiscal Years in DONATION

Fix up Duplicate Donor Names

IconHow Do I?
IconFix up Duplicate Donor Names

French / English Receipts

French Receipts

- G -


Converting Data from

General Info on your Organization

General Information on Using the Program

Generating Bilingual or French-only Receipts

Generating Charitable Receipts

Generating Duplicate or Corrected Receipts

Generating Filtered Receipts

Generating Mailing Labels using Mass Mailings

Generating Receipts Using Mail Merge

Generating U.S. Receipts

Gift in Kind Receipts Sub-Menu

Gifts In Kind, Handling


Converting Data from


Gmail Configuration

Gmail Problems Sending Email

- H -

Handling Anonymous Donations

Handling Gifts In Kind

Handling Non Receiptable Donors and Donations


How to Use

Help Menu

How Do I?

How to Use Help

HTML Editor



- I -

Importing all Data from Other Programs

Importing Bank Deposits into ACCOUNTS

Importing Bank Deposits into QuickBooks

Importing Data from Other Programs

Importing Data from Viansoft Church Contribution System

Importing Donors from Excel, Text or CSV Files

Importing Donors from Other Programs

Importing mail-merge letters

Importing one time or recurring Donations

Importing PAR Donations

In Kind Gifts, Handling

Installation Instructions

Startup Options

Uninstalling DONATION

Installing License Keys and Evaluation Extensions

Intangible Religious Benefits and Receipts

Internal HTML Editor

Internet Backups






- K -

Keyboard Shortcuts

- L -

Labels for Donors or Receipts

Labels for Envelope Boxes


Backing up and Restoring files

Introduction to Creating

Mass Mailings

One Donor

Receipts using Mail Merge

Using Save As from Reports

Letters Menu

License Information

License Keys


Limited User Password

Lite Version Limitations

Lite Version Limitations Window

Loading SQL for Reports

Local Network Versions of DONATION

Logging in to the Web Network Version


on Envelopes

on Receipts

- M -


Running DONATION on

Mail Merge

Alternate Editor

Backing up and Restoring files

Fields usable in Letters and Receipts

Internal Editor

Introduction to Creating

Letters for One Donor

Mass Mailings

Receipts using

Reverting to an Original or Updated Template

Using Save As from Reports

Mail Merge DetailsTable Field


Mailing Labels

For donors or receipts

Generating using Mass Mailings

Under Report -> Donors

Under Reports -> Receipts

Main Menu

Backup/Restore Menu

Database Menu

File Menu

Help Menu

Letters Menu

Maintenance Menu

Receipt Menu

Reports Menu

Tools Menu

Upload/Download Menu

Main Window

Main Window Options

Maintenance Menu

Making Data Backups

Making Internet Backups

Mass Email Services

Mass Mailings

Membership Plus

Converting Data from

Importing only Donors from

Memorized Reports

Creating and Re-running

Memorizing Reports

Merging Duplicate Donors

Microsoft Word

Editing mail-merge documents in

Monthly Donations, Importing

Move the Program from One Computer to Another

Move the Web Network Version from One Computer to Another

Move your Data between Computers

Moving the Program from one Computer to another

Multi Year Pledge Details

Multiple Bank Deposits on same date to same bank

Multiple Computer Options

Multiple Donations for One Date

Multiple Organizations/Databases

Multiple User Options

- N -

Negative dollar amounts, entering

Network Versions of DONATION



Non Backup Databases, Restoring

Non-Receiptable Donors and Donations

- O -

ODBC Data Sources for the Program


Old Backups


One Date Batch Entry

One Date Donation Entry

One Date Donations


One Donor Letters

Organization Info

Organization Name, Changing


Maintaining Multiple

Overview of the Web Network Version

- P -

Paid By Values

PAR Donations, Importing


Donors Only

For Email and Internet Backups

For Limited Users

For Program Entry and Receipts

IconStartup Options
IconPasswords in the Program

Passwords in the Program

PDF Files

Exporting Reports, Receipts and Letters to

Pledge Details

Editing Multi Year

Editing Single Year



Pledges in DONATION

Pledges Options

Popup Calendar

Pre-Receipted Donations

Printing Reports

Program Entry and Receipt Passwords

IconStartup Options
IconPasswords in the Program

- Q -


Quebec Receipts

Quick Start


Importing Bank Deposits into

- R -

Read Only Password

Reassigning Envelope Numbers

Receipt Menu

Receipt Options

Receipt or Donor Envelopes

Receipt or Donor Mailing Labels

Receipt Password

Receipting Person's Name


IconGenerating Receipts Using Mail Merge
IconGenerating Duplicate or Corrected Receipts
IconUsing a Logo or Signature bitmap on your Receipts

Adding a Letter to them

Bilingual or French-only

Bitmap Logos on

Bitmap Signatures on



Duplicate / Replacement


For Filtered Donors

For Fiscal Years

Generating Charitable

Generating using Mail Merge

Gift in Kind Sub-Menu

Mailing Labels



Sending by Email

Signing Person's Name

Statements and


with Advantage

Recurring Donations, Importing

Referential Integrity

Registering Online


Regular Donations, Importing

Regular Operating Procedures

How Do I?

Year End Procedures

Reinstalling DONATION

Religious Benefits, Intangible

Renumbering Envelope Numbers

Replacement Receipts

Report Browser


Administrative Sub-Menu

Bank Deposit Sub-Menu


Category Sub-Menu

Creating Custom

Creating using Mail Merge

Descriptions of

Donation Sub-Menu

Donor Sub-Menu



Fiscal Year Sub-Menu

Loading and Saving SQL

Mail Merges using Save As



One Date Donation Sub-Menu

Pledge Sub-Menu

Receipt Sub-Menu

Saving to Files


Statements and Receipts

Viewing and Printing

Reports Menu

Reports, Administrative Sub-Menu

Reports, Bank Deposit Sub Menu

Reports, Category Sub Menu

Reports, Donation Sub Menu

Reports, Donor Sub Menu

Reports, Fiscal Year Sub-Menu

Reports, One Date Donation Sub Menu

Reports, Pledge Sub Menu

Reports, Receipt Sub Menu

Reprinting Receipts

Requesting License Keys and Evaluation Extensions

Restoring Backups

Restoring Emailed Backups

Restoring Internet Backups

Restoring Letters Files

Restoring Non Backup Databases

Restoring Old Backups

Restoring Web Network Version Backups

Reverting to an Original or Updated Template

Revision History, 2007 to 2010

Revision History, 2011 to 2014

Revision History, Earlier Versions

Revision History, Latest Version

Running as an Administrator

Running DONATION on a Mac

Running Memorized Reports

- S -

Sample Receipts

Saving Reports to Files

Saving Reports, Receipts and Letters to PDF Files

Saving SQL from Reports

Security of Internet Backups

Security of the Web Network Version

Selecting Names for Mail Merge Letters

Sending Backups by Email

Sending Emails from the Program

Sending Emails to a Donor

Server Versions of DONATION


Viewing Saved

Signatures on Receipts

Signing Person's Name for Receipts

Single Year Pledge Details

Software Licensing and Evaluation

Sorting Reports

Split Receipting

for Donations and Receipts

Split Receipting on Receipts

Splitting Donors


Loading and Saving for Reports

Viewing and Exporting Data

SQL Selects

Startup Options


Sending by Email

Statements and Receipts

Sunday Collections

Support for this Program

Switching Databases

- T -

Tax ID, entering

Technical Information

Technical Support


Passwords for

Testing the Program Out

Thank you Letters

Titles in Donor Names

Tools Menu

Transfer your Data between Computers

Transfering the Program from One Computer to Another

Transferring your Data between Computers

- U -

U.S. Receipts

Uninstalling DONATION


Checking for

Upload/Download Menu

USB Memory Key

Backing up to

Using the Database on

Use the Database on a USB Memory Key

IconThe Data Directory for the Program
IconUse the Database on a USB Memory Key

User Management for the Web Network Version

Using a Limited User Password

Using a Logo or Signature bitmap on your Receipts

Using DONATION on a Network

Using Help

Using Mass Email Services

Using the Popup Calendar to Enter Dates

- V -

Validating Your Database

Version of DONATION


Versions of the Program

Changes in

Vertical Response

Viansoft Church Contribution System

Importing Data from

Viewing and Exporting Data with SQL Selects

Viewing and Printing Reports

Viewing Saved Settings

- W -

Web Network Version


Initial Setup




User Management

Who Are We?

Wincrafters Church Assistant

Converting Data from

Window Envelopes for Receipts


Editing mail-merge documents in

- Y -

Yahoo Email Configuration

Year End Procedures


Fiscal versus Calendar

Years, Changing

- Z -

Zero dollar donations, entering