Registering Online



Registering Online

It is recommended that all users of DONATION register, to get onto the mailing list. It is actually required that you do this for / Cooperstock Software to be able to process any payment you make for the program, or give you an evaluation extension request, or a license key.


If you have not yet registered (or informed the program that you have done so) a window will come up whenever you start the program, informing you of the benefits of registration, and asking you about registering. It gives you three options: going on to register (as shown below), informing the program that you already registered online or from another computer, or skipping that and being asked about it the next time you start DONATION.


For the Web Network Version of DONATION, it is required for the first user of any web database to register through the program, in order for them to be recorded on our system and become the Administrator for that database. They can then give logins to other users (see Web Network User Management), who do not have to register. (Those additional users can answer "Already Registered" when they are prompted by the program about registration, the first time they log in to the Web Network Version.)


There are two ways to register. Many users will already have registered using the registration form on the REGISTER page on the web site. If you haven't done that, however, you can also register using the Tools Register Online menu option in the program. (Note: prior to version 3.30 of the program, this option was on the Help menu instead, and prior to version 3.39, it was called Register by Email.)


When you select Tools Register Online, or are sent to this window from the window asking you whether you have registered (if you click Register Now in that window), a window such as the following will come up:




Some of the field values are initially filled from the information in the Maintenance Organization Info window. If you have previously used Maintenance Email Sending Configuration to configure email, the email address for this window will be taken from that configuration.


You can fill in or edit all of the fields, as desired. If you do this registration multiple times on the same computer, your previous entries for those fields will be displayed. However, there is normally no need to register multiple times, unless your contact information changes.


The one slight exception to what is said above is that the Your Name field will be taken from the Receipting Person field on the Organization Info window, but you might want to edit it for registration purposes. Any change you make in this field will not change the Receipting Person.


After filling in all desired fields, click Submit. That will bring up a web page showing that your registration was successful. Clicking Submit on this window will also close this window.


Within a reasonable period of time (usually much less than one day), you should receive an email acknowledgment of your registration back from Software4Nonprofits. In the case of a first registration for the Web Network Version, that will also include your login information.