Running on a Mac



Running on a Mac

The answer to whether you can run DONATION on a Macintosh computer is "yes and no". First, DONATION is a program designed only for Microsoft Windows, and we do not expect that to change, because the programming language we write it in is not available for the Mac.


However, some newer Macs have Intel processors and allow you to boot up to either the Mac operating system or Windows. In that case, it is just like running on a regular Windows PC.


There are also programs available for your Mac such as Parallels ( that allow it to run Microsoft Windows programs. (You also have to buy and install a copy of Windows to use with Parallels.) We do know of some users who have done this successfully. If you try this, be sure to reboot your Mac after the installation of DONATION. One user has reported that the PDF printer installed with DONATION would not work for them under an earlier alternate to Parallels (VirtualPC), however.


We have to make one thing clear, however, if you do want to try using programs like Parallels to run DONATION. We don't own a Mac, and we have no particular expertise with Macs. Thus, although we can answer the same how-to questions etc. as we would answer for users of DONATION on Windows, if you are using products like Parallels and you have any problems that are specifically related to running it on a Mac, we may not be able to help you with them. Sorry!


Your other option of course is to find a Windows PC you can run the program on, or have someone else do so!