Web Network Version Backups



Web Network Version Backups

Unlike all other versions of DONATION, with the Web Network Version we take care of making regular database backups for you, so you don't have to worry about it!


On each day on which you access a given DONATION web database, a backup of it will be made overnight, at 5am Eastern time / 2am Pacific time. The server that holds your database and backups is in Vancouver BC, Canada, and it is also backed up daily to another server elsewhere.


Multiple generations of backups are kept for you - daily backups for the last 7 days, weekly backups for the last 4 weeks, monthly backups for last 12 months, and yearly backups for every year that you continue using the program. The weekly backups are made on the first day a backup is made in which the last weekly backup was at least 7 days ago. The monthly backups are made on the first day a backup is made in a new month. And the yearly backups are made on the first day a backup is made in a new year.


Restoring Web Backups


Unlike with non-Web Network versions of DONATION, there should be very little reason to ever have to restore one of these backups. Common reasons for restoring backups for other versions of the program include moving the program to a new computer, restoring to the same computer after something goes wrong (such as a hard drive failing), or transferring your data between different users' computers.


None of those situations are relevant for the Web Network Version. If you have a new computer, you just have to install the Web Network Version of DONATION on it and log in using your usual login email address and password. To allow another user on another computer to access the same web database, just give them a login (see Web Network Version User Management), then have them install the Web Network Version of DONATION on their computer and log in using their login email address and password.


So virtually the only case in which you might really need to restore a backup is if you feel you have done something very wrong in the program, and cannot figure out a way to undo it without going back to the previous backup, and losing at least the current day's work (depending on which backup you choose to restore). Please first contact us in that situation to ask whether there is in fact a way to undo what you have done, since in some cases we may be able to figure something out that you haven't considered!


Finally, if you really need to go back to a backup, use the menu option Backup/Restore Request Restore of Web Database. That will bring up a list of all or the dates of the backups of your web database. (The dates are the dates you did work on, prior to their backups being made overnight.) Choose the one you want restored, and it will then bring up a window for you to send an email to Cooperstock Software support to request that backup to be restored, replacing the current version of your database. That window has a field for "Reason for your Restore Request", which you must fill in. Please try to explain the situation as clearly as possible. Click Send in that window to send the request.


We will then get back to you in at most 24 hours, but usually much sooner. (You will also receive an immediate automated email confirmation of the request being sent.) We may discuss the need for the restore with you first, and then if we agree it is required, we will do the restore for you, and let you know when it is done. There is no point in using the program until that point, unless it is only to look up information, because any data you enter or changes you make will disappear when the restore is done.


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