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Frequently Asked Questions about the ACCOUNTS Software

How do I Move the Program from One Computer to Another?

You can read about this in the program's Help. Go to Help ⇒ Move ACCOUNTS to Another Computer in the main menu, which will bring the required topic right up. Or you can read it online here.

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How do I determine which Version of ACCOUNTS I have?

In the program, use the Help ⇒ About ACCOUNTS menu option. That will tell you both the version number, and whether you are using the Standalone, Local Network Server or Local Network Client version.

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How do I look things up in the program's Help file?

In the program, press F1 or use the Help ⇒ Contents and Index menu option from the main window. That takes you into the Help file. You can then find most things by switching to the Index tab at the left (if it's not already on that tab), and entering keywords you want to search on in the text box under those tabs.

If you don't find things in the Index tab, you can try the Search tab (which searches on every word in the Help text, not just topic keywords) or the Contents tab.

Of course, individual windows other than the main window in the program each have their own Help button, which generally takes you to the most relevant Help topic. And in the main window, if you press Shift+F1, it takes you to Help on the main window.

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Can I Install on Multiple Computers?

There are several ways you can do this, outlined in the program's Help topic "Multiple User Options". You can also read that online here.

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Which Version of the Program should I use?

There are two basic options:

  • The normal Standalone version, which the vast majority of users select, has all of the program's features, and is installed on individual computers, with the database file on the same computer. You may install it on multiple computers (e.g. at your home and in the office), and copy the database back and forth between them as desired.
  • The Local Network Version, which has all of the same features as the Standalone version. It is for use on multiple computers, possibly simultaneously, all accessing the same single copy of the database. Normally all of these computers would be on a local area network within your office, but it's possible to also set this up with home and office computers, though it's a lot trickier. If you think you might be interested in the Local Network Version, please click on the link in this sentence to read more about it.

    Note: For downloading and installation purposes, the Local Network version has two sub-versions:
    • The Local Network Server version, which you install on the first or main computer (which doesn't have to be a real Windows Server). This computer will have the database file on it.
    • The Local Network Client version, which you install on all other computers, and which accesses the database that is on the Local Network Server version's computer.

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Which Version of Windows does it run on, and Which Computers?

ACCOUNTS will run on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows Server 2003 or later on either 32 bit or 64 bit computers.

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Do I need a License Key right away?

When you install ACCOUNTS for the first time, after you go through a few initial setup screens, you will come to the Licensing and Evaluation window. During your evaluation period, just click the Continue button at the top right of this window to get into the program. No license key is needed, until you decide to purchase the program.

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Can I run it on a Mac?

The answer to whether you can run ACCOUNTS on a Macintosh computer is "yes and no". First, ACCOUNTS is a program designed only for Microsoft Windows, and we do not expect that to change, because the programming language we write it in is not available for the Mac.

However, some newer Macs have Intel processors and allow you to boot up to either the Mac operating system or Windows. In that case, it is just like running on a regular Windows PC.

There are also programs available for your Mac such as Parallels ( that allow it to run Microsoft Windows programs. (You also have to buy and install a copy of Windows to use with Parallels.) We do know of users who have done this successfully. If you try this, be sure to reboot your Mac after the installation of ACCOUNTS.

We have to make one thing clear, however, if you do want to try using programs like Parallels to run ACCOUNTS. We don't own a Mac, and we have no particular expertise with Macs. Thus, although we can answer the same how-to questions etc. as we would answer for users of ACCOUNTS on Windows, if you are using products like Parallels and you have any problems that are specifically related to running it on a Mac, we may not be able to help you with them. Sorry!

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What are the restrictions of the evaluation version?

The evaluation version will work for 60 days after installation, with an option of requesting an extension if there is some good reason that you have not been able to complete your evaluation yet. If your evaluation period expires with no extension or purchase, the program will stop working, but your data will still be there, for when you do pay and receive your license key. The only difference in the evaluation version is that a footer line is printed on every page of every printed report, mentioning that it was printed from the evaluation version.

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What's the process of getting a license key after I purchase the program?

Once we receive your payment, we will send you an email acknowledgement, with instructions for requesting your license key which is done from the Licensing and Evaluation window that comes up when you start the program. That sends us an email with your license key request. We will send back the license key, with instructions for installing it, on that Licensing and Evaluation window.

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I've lost my license key, help!

Most often we are asked this when you have to reinstall the program and restore your database backup, either on a new computer, or after your computer has been repaired after a hard disk crash etc. Just request the license key again from the Licensing and Evaluation window that will be coming up when you start the program, and we will send it to you.

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I'm getting the message "License key doesn't correspond to organization name"

Generally this only happens if you have changed the Organization Name in Maintenance ⇒ Organization Info, so that it no longer exactly matches the name we generated the license key for.

You need to look at the email in which we sent you the key (if you still have it), and see what Organization Name we gave it to you for. You can then either change the Organization Name in the program back to that one (at which point your key will work again), or just request an updated key if you want to stick with your modified Organization Name.

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I can't get email sending through my Gmail address to work.

This is a known issue when using Gmail, when trying to send email through it from programs like ACCOUNTS that it doesn't know about. Version 1.36 and later of ACCOUNTS knows how to work around this.

To get it to work with earlier versions of ACCOUNTS, you will likely have to do what they call "Allow Less Secure Apps". We have found that setting most recently at the following address:

After making a change at that address, try the Test button in Maintenance ⇒ Email Sending Configuration in the program again to see whether it's working.

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