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Network Versions of the ACCOUNTS Software

Easily do your church or charity's bookkeeping, including simple and automatic fund accounting, with the ACCOUNTS software program.

There are two main versions of ACCOUNTS:

  1. The Standalone version, also called the normal or Local Database version. This installs onto one computer and has the database on that computer. No other installation of ACCOUNTS can access the same database (unless the database file is copied to the other computer).
  2. The Network Versions (made up of Network Server and Network Client versions). The Network Server version installs onto one computer on your network and has the database on that computer. The Network Client version gets installed on additional computers on your network (or possibly across the Internet, though that setup is not highly recommended). These clients can access the same database running on the computer with the Network Server version.

Whether you use the Network version or the Standalone version, pricing does not depend on the number of computers on which you install ACCOUNTS.

ACCOUNTS Software is Not Web-Based

Although the Network versions of ACCOUNTS are not web-based, it is possible to install the Network Client version on computers outside of your office to access the database in your office remotely, though the setup is a bit complicated. The database access on the computers outside your office will of course be slower, because the data transfers are working at Internet speeds rather than local area network speeds, which are much faster.

We actually recommend using other of our Multiple User Options, rather than the Network versions, if you want to have multiple users who are not on the same local network access the same ACCOUNTS database.

Is the Network Version of the ACCOUNTS Software for You?

The ACCOUNTS Network version allows up to five users on five different computers (usually on your local-area network) to access the program simultaneously.

Most organizations only need the Standalone version of ACCOUNTS. That's because, even if they have a network, only one person really needs access to ACCOUNTS. That user might want to have ACCOUNTS installed on a computer in the organization's office, and another computer at home, but the Network version isn't usually used for that. (You can install multiple copies of the Standalone version, at no additional charge, and copy the database file back and forth between those computers.)

Select the Network version if:

  • You have a local-area network in your organization, and
  • More than one user in your organization wants access to the same ACCOUNTS database,
  • You want access from multiple locations, and don't want to have to copy a database between those locations and keep track of which one has the "official" version at any one time.

See also the ACCOUNTS Version Comparison page.

ACCOUNTS Software Network Version Installation

Install the Network Server version on the main user's computer, and the Network Client version on any additional users' computers. The Network Server version should normally not be installed on a real Windows server computer, but rather on an actual user's computer.

You can find installation help for the Network version in the program's Help or the manual (readable online at Network Versions of ACCOUNTS).

ACCOUNTS Network Software and License Keys

With the ACCOUNTS Network versions, the same license key is used for all installed copies of ACCOUNTS on your network.

Upgrading to the Network Version of the ACCOUNTS Software

To upgrade from a ACCOUNTS Standalone version to a Network version:

  1. Pay any difference between the Initial Purchase fee that you have already paid for your Standalone version, and the Initial Purchase fee for the Network version.
  2. Request a new License Key that authorizes you to use the Network version, via the Help ⇒ Request or Install License Key menu option, and the "Request License Key for your Organization" button on the resulting window.
  3. Download and install the Network Server and Network Client versions on the appropriate computers. (Normally, you would install the Network Server version on top of your existing Standalone version, assumining that was already on a computer on your network.)

Try the ACCOUNTS Software Network Version for Free

Free 60-day Evaluation! Download and evaluate ACCOUNTS on your Windows computer for free. (Mac users can try ACCOUNTS if your Mac has the ability to run Windows applications.) Do not pay until you decide to use the program for your organization. Check the PRICING/PAYMENT details.

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