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Product Roadmap for ACCOUNTS Software

Continuous Improvement

Cooperstock Software plans to continuously improve ACCOUNTS. See the Revision History page in the program's Help, or check the online revision history for details of the changes so far.

Our vision for the the program is that it is for simple basic and fund accounting for all sorts of non-profits, but does not include payroll due to the complexity of keeping up with all of the different tax rules and rates for all of the Canadian and U.S. jurisdictions. (Payroll integration with simple affordable 3rd-party systems is instead provided.)

Help Improve the ACCOUNTS Software!

Cooperstock Software relies on volunteer beta testers, who try out work-in-progress versions of ACCOUNTS, to make it successful for all users. We also consult volunteer advisors with questions about the business, and questions about directions we should take in program development.

To volunteer, click the button at the left to go to the blog, then use its subscribe form on the right side of that page to subscribe to the blog, which informs you when new versions are ready for testing, or sends you questions for advisors. No special expertise is required! You'll help make ACCOUNTS a better product for everyone.

Possible Improvements to the ACCOUNTS Software

The following are some possible features, that are under consideration, and may or may not be added in the foreseeable future:

  • Setting up additional users, each with their own password, within each database (already present in the Web Network Version)
  • Importing transactions from online banking systems, for bank accounts or credit cards
  • Graph-style reports, like income and expense pie charts
  • Drill-down in summary reports to details, by double-clicking on amount fields
  • The ability to make unneeded features invisible
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