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Payment for the ACCOUNTS Software

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Payment for ACCOUNTS by Cheque or Money Order

You may pay by cheque or money order, in Canadian or U.S. dollars. (Prices are the same in Canadian or U.S. dollars, to avoid complications with exchange rates.) Make cheques and money orders payable to "Cooperstock Software". If it's a U.S. money order, make sure it doesn't say that it can only be negotiated in the U.S.A., since we are in Canada!

Mail your payment to:

Cooperstock Software
57 Gledhill Ave.
Toronto ON  M4C 5K7

If your cheque does not show your organization's name and address on it, please include a note specifying that information, so that we can properly associate it with your registration.

For Canadian charities, Cooperstock Software's GST/HST number is 85458 6591 RT0001.

We will send you an invoice on request, if you need one to authorize a payment. We always acknowledge your payments by email.

Canadians Please Include Tax on Cheques and Money Orders

  • Canadian residents in provinces with HST: add the HST (ON: 13%; NB, NL, NS and PE: 15%)
  • Rest of Canada: add only 5% GST
  • U.S.A. and rest of world: no tax

Select your Location from the drop-down list below to re-calculate prices to include tax.

Payment for ACCOUNTS by Interac eTransfers in Canada

For our customers in Canada, if you use online banking at a major bank, or many credit unions, you may be able to make payments by using their Interac eTransfer service.

If you wish to do that, please use the following details:

Payment to:
Security Question: What is the name of your bookkeeping program?
Answer to Security Question:  ACCOUNTS

Please Include Tax with your Payment - the rates to add on are listed in the previous section about payment by Cheque.

Please note that your financial institution may add a small charge to you for using the Interac eTransfer service - usually $1.50 or less - on top of what you tell it to pay us.

Before paying, you need to have registered via the Tools ⇒ Register Online menu option in the program or the REGISTER page on the web site at least once, either now or in the past, so that your payment can be correctly associated with your organization's information. And please be sure to add some contact information for yourself (email address and/or phone number) in the Message that accompanies your eTransfer, so that we can contact you if we have any questions about your payment.

Payment for ACCOUNTS by Credit Cards

To pay for ACCOUNTS using a credit card, via the secure PayPal service (no PayPal account required), use the links below. Sorry, we cannot accept credit card payments by phone or email.

Your payment will show up on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *SOFT4NONPRF".

Online Credit Card and PayPal Links (PayPal account not needed)

Select your Location from the following drop-down, enter your Organization's name and location (City/Town and State/Province), and then click the appropriate price below at the right.

Initial Purchase of ACCOUNTS Software  
(first year only)
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Initial Purchase - Standalone version (up to 5 organizations/databases) ...
Initial Purchase - Local Network Version, up to 5 simultaneous users or over 5 organizations/databases ...
Annual Renewals for Support and Upgrades
After the First Year  
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Annual Renewal - Standalone version (up to 5 organizations/databases) ...
Annual Renewal - Local Network Version, up to 5 simultaneous users or over 5 organizations/databases ...
Custom Payment

Use this to pay for more than one thing at once, or if we have agreed upon a custom price for a service

Please do not use this to just pay for an Initial Purchase or Annual Renewal - use the links above for those payments.

Note: Do not include tax - this page will calculate it for you as long as you have correctly selected the Location above.
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