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Beta Test the ACCOUNTS Software

This page is used to download a pre-release version of version 2.10 of ACCOUNTS.

Version Download Link
Full Version 2.10 Beta1, Standalone (i.e. normal) Version (Download this if you don't currently have a copy of ACCOUNTS, or to upgrade from any earlier regular or beta test version, or if you need to install ACCOUNTS again from scratch.)

This installer will also convert a Local Network Server or Local Network Client version back to being a normal Standalone version.

(20.1 MB)

Changes between version 2.05b and 2.10 Beta1

  • Added the Reference Number field to the Bill Payment and Edit Bill Payment windows, so that similar bills could be more easily distinguished before choosing to pay them.
  • Fixed a problem experienced by some users where the Save button in the Opening Balances window didn't work in some cases, so they could not be saved.
  • Fixed a bug introduced by a recent version: if you edited an existing bill payment from the Bill Payment List window, and made changes, you would get an error message when you tried to Save, and the save would not be completed successfully.
  • Added the Tools Menu option Explore Temp Directory, which can be helpful in some tech support situations.
  • In windows with a drop-down list of Tax Codes, ones with no associated accounts are now omitted from the list, since they would have no effect.
  • This version was created with a new release of the program we use to create ACCOUNTS, called PowerBuilder 2017 R3.
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