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Beta Test the ACCOUNTS Software

This page is used to download a pre-release version of version 2.20 of ACCOUNTS.

Version Download Link
Update of Full Version 2.10 or higher to 2.20 Beta2 (Download this if you currently have a copy of ACCOUNTS installed, and it is already version 2.10 or higher. This will upgrade any version.)
Update Beta

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Changes between version 2.20 Beta1 and 2.20 Beta2

  • Added a right-click menu option Unmatch Online Banking Transaction on the regular Register window, to give you a way to undo matches that you made when importing downloaded online banking transactions that you now believe were incorrect.
  • Made some corrections to the Cut / Copy / Paste features on the Register window, in terms of what is retained (or not) of the values of fields related to transactions matched to online banking downloads.

Changes between version 2.12b and 2.20 Beta1

  • Major New Feature: Importing downloaded online banking transaction files is now supported in the program.
  • Corrected the fact that Read Only users were allowed to Print Cheques. Also adjusted a few minor places in other windows that allowed editing for Read Only users.
  • Removed the menu option Tools ⇒ Fix novaPDF Problems, because saving to PDF files in ACCOUNTS is no longer ever done by using the novaPDF program.
  • Fixed a bug for the Web Network Version: The menu option Upload/Download ⇒ Download Web Database to Local was failing with an error message. (That menu option was normally only needed if you decided to switch back from the Web Network Version to another version such as Standalone.)
  • Fixed a bug for the Web Network Version: If it was an Evaluation version, or your payment had expired, it could prompt you to retrieve a license key from our server, even though that version does not need and cannot use license keys.
  • Fixed a bug in the initial setup of a database: If you canceled the window for specifying what accounts you want to start with, when you restarted it would not prompt for that again, but rather open up with no accounts, which would cause problems. Also seemed to solve a problem where you get to the main window after that initial setup and no accounts show, when accounts do exist.
  • Fixed a bug on the main window: any accounts with only future-dated transactions in them were being omitted from the list on the right side of the window. (They will now be present, and will show a balance of $0, since those balances are always as of today's date.)
  • Fixed a bug in the Journal Entry List window: it was supposed to scroll to show the latest journal entry when it opened, but it did not do so. Now it does.
  • Added a scroll bar to the list of bills in the Edit Bill Payment window, to handle the unusual case where there were more bills included in that one payment than would fit in whatever size you have resized that window to.
  • Fixed a bug that somehow recently appeared in the Register window: if you made changes in the empty row at the bottom of the window, then clicked into another row, or tried to close the window, without first pressing Enter to save your changes, you were not being prompted about saving those changes. (There was no such problem when editing existing transactions.)
  • Fixed an obscure and unlikely bug. (This note is mostly for ourselves, as the bug is very unlikely to occur to users!) If you are running the Web Network Version and download your web database to local, then switch to a local version (likely Standalone), then re-restore the backup file that was stored as part of that download process, the program will halt with an error about not being able to execute sp_validate_connection. You subsequently cannot open the program, because it keeps getting that same error.
  • When a new user with a so-far empty database was trying to start by restoring an Internet Backup from a previous user in their organization, the window that came up to prompt them for the Unique ID for Internet Backups didn't allow typing or directly pasting into the entry field for that value. (You had to use a Paste ID from Clipboard button.) Now you can directly type or paste into that field, to avoid confusion.
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