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Beta Test the ACCOUNTS Software

This page is used to download a pre-release version of version 1.42 of ACCOUNTS.

Version Download Link
Update of Full Version 1.24 or higher to 1.42 Beta2 (Download this if you currently have a copy of ACCOUNTS installed, and it is already version 1.19 or higher. This will upgrade the normal Standalone version, or the Network Server or Network Client version.)

Changes between version 1.42 Beta1 and 1.42 Beta2

  • Some minor improvements to the validations and the Help topic for Custom Reports.

Changes between version 1.41 and 1.42 Beta1

  • Added the Reports -> Custom Reports menu option, which allows you to to create custom reports with up to 4 columns, each for their own range of dates. Each column can be Income and Expenses, Budget, or a Difference between two previous columns. This now allows the creation of various reports that users have asked us for over the years that were not included as built-in reports, and that we weren't sure would be of interest to sufficient users to be added.
  • Reports -> Summary -> Government Form Amounts now defaults the dates to your fiscal year start and end, if they are different from the calendar year. It also has a new option to omit $0 lines.
  • In the Reports -> Memorized Reports window, after running a report, and closing the window(s) doing that took you to, you return to this window. (Those can be the main Reports window, the SQL Select window, or the Custom Reports window.) Fixed a weakness where the information about the list of reports in this window is not updated on that return. That could be necessary if you made changes and re-memorized the report in one of the windows you were taken to. Without this fix, re-running the same memorized report immediately would ignore those changes. Also, any new memorized reports with new names would not have appeared on the list in this window when you returned to it.
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