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Beta Test the ACCOUNTS Software

This page is used to download a pre-release version of version 2.22c of ACCOUNTS.

Version Download Link
Update of Full Version 2.10 or higher to 2.22c Beta2 (Download this if you currently have a copy of ACCOUNTS installed, and it is already version 2.10 or higher. This will upgrade any version.)
Update Beta

(7 MB)

Changes between version 2.22b and 2.22c Beta2

  • Enhanced a number of error messages about bad date entry, to now show what the acceptable Short Date style from the Region settings in Windows Control Panel is (such as MM/DD/YYYY).
  • The new Reports ⇒ Fund ⇒ One Fund Income Statement report was actually added in release 2.22, but not mentioned until now. In this release, fixed a bug in it that could cause it to break weirdly between pages, with a lot of empty space left at the bottom of one page. However, it unfortunately still sometimes does that - it depends on your exact data. It appears that this is something we cannot control, in the tool we use to create reports.
  • When using the Maintenance ⇒ Email Sending Configuration menu option, fixed the fact the the "Determine the setting from your default email program" option in the initial configuration window wasn't working if that default email program was a recent version (such as 16) of Outlook.
  • Improved the handling and messaging in the situation where you run ACCOUNTS and it says that another instance of ACCOUNTS is already running.
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