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At a Glance

ACCOUNTS Version Features Purchase Price
(1st year)
Support and Renewals
(subsequent years - optional)
Standalone One simultaneous user, usually one computer, up to 5 organizations/databases $120 $60 per year for support and upgrades
Network Up to 5 simultaneous users or over 5 organizations/databases $200 $100 per year for support and upgrades

First Year Pricing

There is no charge to download or evaluate ACCOUNTS. To continue using a full version of the program after the 60-day evaluation period, the initial prices listed in the table above (under "Purchase Price") apply in the first year, plus tax for Canadian users.

Paying these prices entitles you to:

  • A license key to the software, which converts it from the evaluation version to the full version
  • Technical support and upgrades for the first year (12 months from your payment date)

Once you have paid your initial purchase fee and received an email receipt for it, you can request a license key to convert your 60-day evaluation version of ACCOUNTS to the full unrestricted version, through the program's Evaluation and Licensing window. Any data you have entered up to that point will be unaffected by this process.

Good to Know

  • Full versions of the program can handle accounting for multiple organizations with the same copy of ACCOUNTS, at no additional charge.
  • You can install the Standalone version of ACCOUNTS on multiple computers for one price, as long as you have only the one database, which you copy back and forth between computers. (Only one user can change the data at a time, however, because there is no way to merge changes.) See the Help topic Transfer your Data between Computers for more details.
  • You can install the Network version on any number of computers on your local area network in your office, and use it on up to five of those computers simultaneously.
  • Users with over 5 databases for 5 organizations (or parts of the same organization) are charged the Network version prices, though they may choose to only install the Standalone version, because of the additional administrative cost to us of giving them license keys for each database.

Pay for your initial purchase by using a credit card via PayPal.

Annual Renewals

To continue receiving support and upgrades to the paid full ACCOUNTS versions after the first year, an annual renewal payment is required. *
Annual renewal prices:

  • $60 (plus tax) for the Standalone version (up to 5 organizations/databases)
  • $100 (plus tax) for the Network version (five simultaneous users allowed, or over 5 organizations/databases)

Pay for your Annual Renewal by using a credit card via PayPal.

Once you have paid your Annual Renewal fee for the full version and received an email receipt for it, you need to request an updated license key, through the program's Evaluation and Licensing window. This informs the program that it can accept upgrades for another 12 months.

We will contact you annually to invite you to renew your support and upgrades subscription.

You can save on your annual renewal fees by earning referral rewards!

* If you do not pay this renewal fee within 18 months of your previous payment date, you will need to pay another initial purchase fee (twice as much) if you wish to renew your eligibility for support and upgrades.

If you do not choose to renew your support for the program, you can continue using the program after your support and upgrades expiry date, but you will not be eligible for support or upgrades. However, if you ever need to re-install the program on your computer, or install it on a different computer, the only way that can usually be done is by downloading the currently available version from the programís website. Since that would be an upgrade at that time, an appropriate payment would be required. If you wish to avoid that, your only option is to download a current copy of the installation program from the website before your support and upgrades expiry date, and make sure you have a secure permanent copy of it. We do not retain older versions of the program, and they will never be made available for download.

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