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ACCOUNTS Software Version Comparison

Pricing (Details page) Standalone Network
Initial Purchase Fee (first year, includes support and upgrades) $120 $200
Annual Renewal Fee (optional, for support and upgrades in 2nd and subsequent years) $60 $100
Free Support Period 60-day evaluation period 60-day evaluation period
Free Download Standalone Network
Click the appropriate button for a free download of your desired version.
(For details on where and how to install the two Network versions, click here.)
Network Server
Network Client

The only difference in features between the Standalone and Network versions is the following.

The Standalone version can be used on one computer, or on multiple computers, each with its own copy of the database. You can copy that database between the computers with backup and restore. (There is no extra charge for this.)

The Network version is for use on multiple computers on a local area network (or over the Internet), with only one copy of the database, accessed by all of the computers. Simultaneous access is allowed.

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