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NOW AVAILABLE: Web Network Version of ACCOUNTS Software

Easily do your church or charity's bookkeeping, including simple and automatic fund accounting, with the ACCOUNTS software program.

There are three main versions of ACCOUNTS:

  1. The Standalone version, also called the normal or Local Database version. This installs onto one Windows computer and has the database on that computer. No other installation of ACCOUNTS can access the same database (unless the database file is copied to the other computer).
  2. The Local Network Versions (made up of Local Network Server and Local Network Client versions). The Local Network Server version installs onto one Windows computer on your network and has the database on that computer. The Local Network Client version gets installed on additional Windows computers on your network. These clients can access the same database running on the computer with the Local Network Server version.
  3. The Web Network Version, where the program is still installed onto one or more Windows computers, but the database is on our server, and can be accessed with an appropriate login from any computer on which the Web Network Version is installed.

Whether you use the Web Network, Local Network or Standalone version, pricing does not depend on the number of computers on which you install ACCOUNTS.

For complete details on this version, please see the online copy of the Help pages about it, starting here.

The Web Network Version is Partly Web-Based

The Web Network version of ACCOUNTS is still not what is normally considered as being web-based, because it is still installed on your Windows computer. That computer does need to have fast, reliable Internet access, to access the database on our server in Canada, and you can use multiple computers to access the same database, from anywhere at all with a fast Internet connection and the Web Network Version of ACCOUNTS installed.

Is the Web Network Version of the ACCOUNTS Software for You?

The Web Network Version has some advantages, and some disadvantages, when compared to the other versions.

Select the Web Network version if:

  • You want access to your database from multiple computers over the Internet, whether just for yourself, or for multiple users.
  • Not all of those computers are within one local network,
  • You just want to take advantage of the fact that with the Web Network Version, we take care of database backups for you, so you never have to worry about losing your data, if your computer dies and you haven't been making sufficient backups off of your hard drive.

One disadvantage of the Web Network Version is that because you are accessing your data over the Internet, rather than from a local computer (or one on your local network) it will of course be slower.

See also the ACCOUNTS Version Comparison page for a comparison between the versions, and the Multiple User Options Help page for pros and cons of all of the ways to share a database between multiple users or computers.

ACCOUNTS Software Web Network Version Pricing

Pricing for the Web Network version depends on how many simultaneous users of the database from different computers you want to be allowed. If one simultaneous user is sufficient, you pay at the Standalone version price, but if you want up to 5 simultaneous users to be allowed, you pay at the Local Network version price.

To be clear, you only need multiple simultaneous users if two or more people would have to be using the program at the exact same time. With a one simultaneous user license, if one person is using it, nobody else can log in until the first person exits the program. But you can still have the program on as many computers as you want, and have as many different user logins as you want, with a one simultaneous user license.

Because you are now paying for a service, you must keep up your annual payments to be allowed continued access to your Web Network Version database. In addition, if you have multiple databases for multiple organizations, you have to register each one separately - with a different email address - and pay for them separately. With all other versions, additional databases are free (up to 5 databases for the Standalone version, after which you can pay at the Local Network Version price to allow more databases).

Existing users of the Standalone or Local Network versions whose support is paid up do not have to pay to upgrade to the Web Network Version. The only exception is if you are using the Standalone version and you want to switch to the 5 simultaneous user Web Network Version. In that case the upgrade pricing here will apply.

ACCOUNTS Software Web Network Version Installation

If you have an existing installation of the Standalone version on multiple computers, you start by downloading and installing the Web Network Version on the computer that has the most up-to-date copy of your database on it, from the DOWNLOAD page on the website. Install that on top of your existing Standalone version.

When you run a Web Network Version on a computer for the first time, after installing it, you will be prompted to register the program. Unless you have already registered the Web Network Version through the program, or you know that an Administrator for your organization has already assigned you a login, you need to register it at this point.

After the registration, you will be informed that Software4Nonprofits will set up your web database and login for you, and email you with your login information when that is ready. The program will then exit, since you cannot proceed until we send you that information. We will always get back to you in at most 24 hours, but usually much sooner.

Once you receive that login information, run ACCOUNTS again, and log in. If this is the first login, and you have a previous database from the Standalone or Network Server version on this computer, you will be prompted to convert the data from the local database from that previous version of ACCOUNTS into your web database. That action is also referred to as an "upload". Choose to do that, unless there is some reason you want to skip this and either start with an empty database, or restore a backup from a previous version of ACCOUNTS. The upload is quite quick.

After that, you will be able to set up individual logins for other users, and they can then also install the Web Network Version and log in to the same database. If one user is using the Web Network Version, all users have to, or you will not be accessing the same copy of the database!

Of course, if you try the Web Network Version and wish to switch back to another version like Standalone, you can always download your web database back to a local database and then reinstall that other version to switch to it.

Web Network Version Security

All access to your database and other aspects of the server on which it is stored are encrypted, using the same types of secure protocols used for online banking etc.

Your data is protected by many levels of secret techniques and strong encryption, but ultimately the final level of security will always depend on securing the login email address and password you use to access the database through the program. (Anyone with that information could install the Web Network Version of the program and access your database. Virtually any web-based software has exactly this same problem!)

The server is in Canada.

Try the ACCOUNTS Web Network Version for Free

Free 60-day Evaluation! Download and evaluate ACCOUNTS on your Windows computer for free. (Mac users can try ACCOUNTS if your Mac has the ability to run Windows applications.) Do not pay until you decide to use the program for your organization.

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