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About Cooperstock Software

What We Do at Cooperstock Software

Cooperstock Software develops technology to help the charitable sector. From its Canadian home base it produces software used throughout Canada, the U.S.A. and the rest of the world. Cooperstock Software * - the legal name of the business - owns and operates the website. Its primary products are ACCOUNTS and DONATION.

Who is Dan Cooperstock?

Cooperstock Software was founded by Dan Cooperstock, a software developer with an M.Sc. in Computer Science and over 30 of programming and business experience.

Dan is also a Quaker, and has been both Treasurer and Clerk (chair) of his Quaker Meeting's Finance Committee, and Clerk of the Canada-wide Quaker organization's Finance Committee. Based both on this experience, and his experience writing and supporting DONATION since 1994, Dan has a solid understanding of the financial requirements of a small charitable organization.

For more information about Dan, including recommendations from DONATION users and former colleagues, check his LinkedIn profile:

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Who is Kwame Barko?

Dan Cooperstock was excited to be able to hire Kwame to join him in Cooperstock Software part-time in November 2013 and full-time in February 2014. Kwame is a fellow Quaker with Dan, and, like Dan, has served as Treasurer of his local Quaker Meeting, and as co-clerk (co-chair) of the Canada-wide organizationís Finance Committee and one of its Trustees. His education and most of his work experience has been as a mining engineer and geophysicist, but he has experience with programming as well. Kwame will be working with Dan in all aspects of the business.

A Brief History of the DONATION Software

DONATION was Cooperstock Software's main product, until ACCOUNTS was introduced in 2012.

  • Dan Cooperstock wrote the original DOS version of DONATION in 1994 in response to difficulty finding software that met the needs of his Quaker Meeting.
  • In 1998, Dan rewrote DONATION as a Windows program, and in 1999 began giving it away for free.
  • Cooperstock Software launched another extensive rewrite of DONATION in 2007 to capitalize on newer technology, and to add many user-requested features, and changed the program to be commercial.

Introducing the ACCOUNTS Software Program

Dan Cooperstock wrote ACCOUNTS in 2012, after surveying his DONATION users about the possibility of doing so and receiving over 800 replies. It is meant to fill a need for churches, charities and non-profits to have an affordable, easy to use bookkeeping program that handles fund accounting easily and entirely automatically, unlike the major general purpose programs like QuickBooks, Quicken and Simply Accounting / Sage 50 Canadian Edition.

* We can only accept cheques payable to "Cooperstock Software".

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