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DONATION Software Video Demos and Samples

Jump to the following sections of this page for materials to help you learn about DONATION:

The following demos are hosted on YouTube. After you click on them to start them playing, you can click on a control, usually in their bottom right corner, to maximize them to fill your screen.

If you have ideas for other DONATION training videos, please email us.

Introductory Demo Videos on the DONATION Software

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Help Pages Relevant to the Introductory Demo Videos on DONATION

In-Depth Training Videos on the DONATION Software

Help Pages Relevant to the In-Depth Training Videos on DONATION

Sample Screen Images from the DONATION Software

Sample Charitable Receipts from the DONATION Software

Canadian Charitable Receipt (in English; French or bilingual also available; receipts for donations with advantage also available)
Canadian Charitable Receipt for Gift in Kind
U.S. Charitable Receipt

There are also custom receipts available for Australia (DGR or non-DGR) and New Zealand. In addition, you can use the mail-merge version of the receipts to add your own wording or make other changes.

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