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DONATION Software Version Comparison

Pricing (Details page) Lite Standalone Local Network Web Network
Initial Purchase Fee (first year, includes support and upgrades) n/a ... ... ... / ...
Annual Renewal Fee (optional except for Web Network Version, for support and upgrades in 2nd and subsequent years) n/a ... ... ... / ...
Annual Lite Support Fee (optional) ... n/a n/a n/a
Free Support Period First month
of use
Free Download Lite Standalone Local Network Web Network
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Features Lite Standalone Local Network Web Network
Maximum number of donors with donations per year 100 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Entry Lite Standalone Local Network Web Network
Record names, addresses, and phone numbers of donors
Record donors' email addresses, plus six user-specifiable fields, and a comments field of virtually unlimited length
Use envelope or member numbers, and auto-assign the next available one to a new donor
Automatically re-assign all envelope numbers
Specify various categories of donor and donation
Record an annual pledge amount for each donor
Record more complex annual or multi-year pledge information
Record dates, amounts, donation categories and cheque numbers (or how the donation was paid) for individual donations
Record a free-form description for donations
Use a special Batch Entry form to speed entry of weekly donations, collections or offerings for churches
Quickly and simply pick donors from a scrolling list, or search for them with two different Find features
Convert or import data from other programs including Membership Plus, GiftWorks, Viansoft, Geminon, and Wincrafters
Import files of donors from assorted file formats, or import donations, including recurring ones
Specify your bank deposits, and export them to Software4Nonprofits ACCOUNTS or QuickBooks
Reports Lite Standalone Local Network Web Network
Print over 30 different reports on donors, donations, receipts and categories
Export any report to various file formats, such as PDF, HTML, Excel or CSV (comma-separated value)
Use either of two different ways to create custom reports
Use memorized reports
Mail-Merge Letters Lite Standalone Local Network Web Network
Use a powerful ability to create mail merge letters for one, all or some donors
Receipts Lite Standalone Local Network Web Network
Print numbered charitable receipts, for one donor at a time, in a simple standardized format
Print those receipts for all donors with unreceipted donations in one batch, or for a selected subgroup of all donors with unreceipted donations
Print mailing labels or envelopes for receipts
Email receipts to donors with email addresses
Select from various options which determine which sections are included in the built-in receipts
Generate receipts in a format that you design, instead of the built-in formats, by using the mail merge features
Select different receipt formats for users in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries
Optionally print bilingual (French/English) or French-only receipts for users in Quebec, with an extra copy for the donor's provincial tax form
For Canadian receipts, properly handle what the Canada Revenue Agency calls "split receipting" - the handling of donations where the donor receives an "advantage", by the use of an optional Eligible Amount field
For Canadian receipts, create special receipts for Gifts in Kind / Non-Cash donations
Print duplicate receipts (e.g. if someone loses one) or corrected receipts (if something in the receipt was incorrect)
Multiple Users Lite Standalone Local Network Web Network
Use on multiple computers, each with its own copy of the database, and copy that database around with backup and restore. (No extra charge.)
Use on multiple computers on a local area network, with only one copy of the database, accessed by all of the computers. Simultaneous access allowed.
Use on multiple computers over the Internet, with only one copy of the database, accessed by all of the computers. Simultaneous access allowed, if paid at the Local Network version rate.
Other Lite Standalone Local Network Web Network
Access full context-sensitive help on all features of the program
Backup your database to a USB memory key, a writeable CD, or a hard drive Not needed
Backups are made automatically for you on our server, on every day on which you use the program
Send encrypted, compressed backups to yourself or a colleague by email, and restore those backups Not needed
Follow regular backups with an encrypted backup to a secure Internet location Not needed
Use the Cloud Storage Service to share Internet backups between computers, with automatic control to avoid overwriting each other's work
Use an optional program-entry password or login, and an optional receipting password
Use an optional limited-entry password or login for volunteers to do entry without seeing full details on donors or donation history, or a read-only password or login
Assign individual logins and passwords to each user of the program, with the ability to assign different permissions to each user
Store donations for multiple organizations on the same computer
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