Exporting your Chart of Accounts

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Exporting your Chart of Accounts

You can use the Database Export Chart of Accounts menu option to export a file containing details about the accounts in your chart of accounts that don't have sub-accounts (the ones you can post transactions to), excluding fund/equity accounts, for importing into other programs.


Currently (as of late 2012) the only known use of this is for the Canadian Payroll program PaymentEvolution, to give it a list of accounts that you can choose from when setting up your payrolls in it. (Payroll transactions can then be exported from PaymentEvolution, and imported into ACCOUNTS.)


Files exported with this menu option have the file extension .S4AIF (Software4Nonprofits ACCOUNTS Import Format). The format is actually the same a the QuickBooks Desktop import/export format used for Charts of Accounts, though they use the file extension .IIF.


See the Recommended Products and Services web page for details about PaymentEvolution.

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