Deleting All Transactions

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Deleting All Transactions

The Database Delete All Transactions menu option gives you a way to delete all transactions you have entered into the database. You might choose to use this if you had been entering fake transactions for testing, before starting to really use the program.


If you are at all unsure about whether you wish to do this, either don't do it, or make sure that you have a current database backup first, which you could restore if you decide you should not have done this.


After prompting you to confirm that you really want to do this (twice!), and asking whether you also want to delete any budgets that you have entered, this function deletes the following data:


Transactions and their splits, entered via any of the windows for entering transactions

Bills and Bill Payments

Any records of bank reconciliations you have done

Budgets (if you answered Yes to the question about also deleting them)

The audit trail the program records of the entry of and any changes to or deletion of transactions.


The following data in your database is not deleted:


Organization Info

Chart of Accounts

Government form names and association of form lines with accounts

Sales tax codes and association of them with accounts

Entity and report names

Email sending configuration

Budgets (if you answer No to the question about deleting them)


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