OnDemand Version Date Formats

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OnDemand Version Date Formats

Because the OnDemand version runs the actual program on a server, rather than your computer, any date formats you set in Control Panel on your computer will not apply to it. And for security reasons, you cannot run Control Panel on the OnDemand server.


To work around that, the OnDemand version has a new menu option Maintenance Date Formats. Selecting that brings up a window such as the following:




Whatever you select there will be saved for use whenever you run ACCOUNTS. Although there are drop-down lists of common options for the date formats, you can also type them in yourself if you want something that is not on the list. When you click OK, the program will tell you whether what you have entered is valid and thus can be saved.


Here are the meanings of the various parts of the date formats that you can use:


d: 1 or 2 digit day number in the month, as required

dd: 2 digit day number in the month, like 01 for the 1st or 31 for the 31st

ddd: not allowed (short name of the day of the week)

dddd: not allowed (long name of the day of the week)

M: 1 or 2 digit month number in the year, as required

MM: 2 digit month number in the year, like 01 for January or 12 for December

MMM: short name of the month

MMMM: long name of the month

yy: 2-digit year, like 21 for 2021

yyy or yyyy: 4-digit year


Please note that the settings are case-sensitive. Codes for days and years must be lower case d's and y's, and codes for months must be upper case M's.


The settings you set in this window are just for your user login to the OnDemand version of ACCOUNTS. Other users from your organization can have different settings.

This topic was last edited on Mar 23, 2023