Referential Integrity

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Referential Integrity

The ACCOUNTS program was very carefully programmed to protect you against silly errors which can cause big problems in the future. (Referential integrity is just a fancy Computer Science term for making sure that data in all of your related data files matches up sensibly.)


The following are a sample of some of the things that are never allowed in ACCOUNTS, to ensure referential integrity:


-deleting an account that has transactions
-deleting an account that has sub-accounts
-deleting a fund account that has associated income or expense accounts
-deleting a sales tax account that is associated with a sales tax code
-deleting a vendor that has bills and/or transactions


All of these are prevented at the database level, so even if there was a bug in the program that allowed you to try to do one of those actions, the database would not allow you to do it.


Many other actions that don't make sense are prevented at the program level, although the database might allow them.

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