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The Reports Listing Sub-Menu

Chart of AccountsLists your entire chart of accounts in order, including hidden accounts (in italics), and which fund/equity account each income or expense account is associated with.


Chart of Accounts

  with Government

  Form LinesLists the accounts in your chart of accounts that have no sub-accounts, in order, also showing associated government form lines for each account. If you want to see them listed by form and line instead of account order, use the Sort button and re-sort on the form_name and form_line fields.


Income and Expense

   Accounts by FundLists just income and expense accounts, broken out by which fund/equity account each one is associated with. It also shows which funds (that don't have sub-funds) have no associated income and expense accounts.

Note: The name of the previous report can be changed via your choices on the Maintenance ⇒ Entity Names menu option.


Annual or Monthly

   BudgetLists just the budget amounts (with no corresponding actual amounts) for one specified year. Includes hidden accounts if they have a budget, in italics. If the specified year's budget is monthly rather than annual, shows each month's budget, plus an overall total. Prompts for an "Include" setting to determine the levels of accounts and sub-accounts to be included in the report


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