Bugs / Features

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Bugs / Features

All programs of any complexity probably have bugs in them, and this one may not be an exception despite our best testing and the experience of thousands of users. In addition, some aspects of the program that one person considers to be "features" may be considered to be bugs by another person. Please contact us if you believe you have found any bugs in the program, or wish to suggest new features.


The Quaker Meeting that first ran DONATION, Toronto Monthly Meeting, encountered one problem with the old DOS version of the program around when they tried to start entering 1995 after the end of 1994. Their data appeared to become damaged, the receipts didn't print properly, and the data inside the program looked wrong. This turned out to be a bug, which I fixed. When I restored a data backup from about a week before the problem appeared, everything was fine. I mention this not because I expect there will be a similar problem in the current version, but rather to reinforce the fact that you must back up your data regularly with the Backup/Restore ⇒ Backup Database menu option.



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