Deleting the Latest Year's Data



Deleting the Latest Year's Data

In unusual circumstances, you may find that you have created a new year's data with the Maintenance Change Year menu option, but you want to get rid of that year, so that you can recreate it later instead.


One example might be if you have created that year, not done any real work in it yet, then realize there are a number of address changes you need to make in the prior year, before you issue the receipts for that year. Because each year's donor records are separate, you would have to make those address changes twice for each donor, once in each of the years.


To delete the data from the latest year in the database, use the Database Delete Latest Year menu option. The program will not allow you to use this option if there are any donations or receipts recorded for that latest year. (You wouldn't want to have to re-enter those donations, after all.)


When you use this menu option, it will first confirm that you really want to delete that year's data. If you do, it will delete it. After that, if that year you just deleted was the current working year in the program, you will be switched back to the previous year.