OnDemand Version Security

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OnDemand Version Security

Please read the OnDemand Overview section first, if you have not already done so, before reading this section.


If you use the OnDemand Version of the program, both the DONATION program and your database are stored on secure ACS Technologies servers. All communication between the OnDemand Client application on your computer and the server is encrypted, using secure protocols. General ACS Technologies security information (some of which applies to other programs that they sell, but some of which also applies to DONATION OnDemand) can be found at https://legal.acst.com/data-security-measures.


Although your communication with the server is protected by strong encryption, ultimately the final level of security will always depend on securing the login user name and password you use to access the database through the program. (Anyone with that information could install the OnDemand Client program and access your database. Virtually any cloud-based or web-based software has exactly this same problem!) That is why strong passwords are required for your login.


Because no extremely valuable information like credit card numbers is stored in the DONATION database (or at least, you should not be doing so!) there is also probably very little incentive for hackers to try to get at your data.


Also as with virtually any software service where your data lives on a server, we can have access to your data. However, other than to help you resolve difficult or unusual problems, we can assure you that we have no interest in looking at your data!


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