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HTML MessageBox


The HTML MessageBox allows you to make your Windows application's message boxes more readable and usable by allowing you to set a larger default font, then use simple HTML to add emphasis such as boldface to the most important points in longer messages.

Worried that your users aren't reading your application's message boxes because the font's too small, or they are too long? Wish Microsoft gave you a way to add some emphasis to the most important points in your message? Use the HTML MessageBox, and these concerns go away!

The HTML MessageBox works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003 or higher, and features all-Unicode functions. It comes with interfaces or sample code for the Win32 API (e.g. for C/C++), COM, .NET, and PowerBuilder, so it should be callable from virtually any Windows application (other than web applications).

Read a detailed list of the features of the HTML MessageBox.

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Some users might find this page by searching for "Rich Text MessageBox", because rich text generically refers to the ability to add fonts, boldface etc. to your text. The HTML MessageBox uses simple HTML, rather than the much more complex and verbose RTF, but it serves the same purposes. See the Why HTML MessageBox? page for details about an actual RTF MessageBox that is available elsewhere, if for some reason you would actually prefer that!

Another thing people might be searching for is "Bold MsgBox" or words to that effect, because the MessageBox function is called MsgBox in VB.

This is a fairly new product, and if something about it doesn't quite fit your needs, please contact us and let us know your requirements, to see if we can improve the product to meet your needs!

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