Files and Samples in the Installation Directory

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The following files are installed when you run the installation program, HtmlMessageBoxSetup.exe.


In the Installation Directory Itself (which by default is C:\Program Files\HtmlMessageBox)


HtmlMessageBox.dll: The main DLL, with the functions with the Windows API calling convention.


HtmlMessageBoxCom.dll: The COM control cover for the main DLL, which requires the main DLL to be present (in the same directory or on the PATH) to be able to be registered successfully. It is already registered if you have run the installation program.


HtmlMessageBox.chm: The help file for the program.


LICENSE.htm: The software license agreement for the program, to which you had to agree in order to install the program.


In the include Subdirectory


HtmlMessageBoxDll.h: C/C++ header file, for use when compiling Win32 applications that use HtmlMessageBox.dll directly.


In the lib Subdirectory


HtmlMessageBox.lib: Library file, for use when linking Win32 applications that use HtmlMessageBox.dll directly.


In the Samples/C# Subdirectory


HtmlMsgBox.cs: Source code for a C# .NET class, with static methods and variables for calling the methods in HtmlMessageBox.dll, and accessing the constants required for them.


In the Samples/JScriptCom Subdirectory


test.js: JScript code for testing the COM control. Contains various tests, some commented out, for you to use as desired.

test.bat: Batch file that runs test.js via wscript (Windows Scripting Host).


Note: The HTML MessageBox must not be used in any scripting application where the source code can be seen by users, if the license key is included in the script.


In the Samples/PowerBuilder Subdirectory


nvo_messagebox.sru: Exported code for the Non-Visual Object (NVO) nvo_messagebox, that contains external function declarations for the functions in HtmlMessageBox.dll, and provides an API similar to the standard PowerBuilder API for MessageBoxes.


In the Uninstall Subdirectory


Several files used for uninstalling the program (which is done from Control Panel).