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HtmlMessageBoxSetDefaultFontFace is used to set the name of the default font used in the MessageBoxes, when a <FONT> tag is not in effect, or when a FONT tag does not contain the FACE or FAMILY attribute. It persists as long as the DLL is loaded, or until another call to the same function is made.




 Standard Windows API Calling:

 void HtmlMessageBoxSetDefaultFontFace(wchar_t *fontName);


 COM Object Calling:

 obj.SetDefaultFontFace(BSTR fontName)


 .NET Object Calling (C# / VB.NET):

 HtmlMsgBox.SetDefaultFontFace(String fontName);


 PowerBuilder Calling:

 obj.HtmlMessageBoxSetDefaultFontFace(String fontName)




fontName: The name of the font to use as the default font for MessageBox text.



Return Value:






Unlike when setting fonts in real HTML, only one font name can be specified. Comma-separated lists of names to try in order will not work.


This default font setting can be superseded in the text of an HtmlMessageBox / Show function call with a <FONT> tag with a FACE or FAMILY attribute, such as <FONT FACE="Times New Roman">. The default, if this function has not been called, is Arial.




For standard Windows API calling:


HtmlMessageBoxSetDefaultFontFace("Times New Roman");