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This manual covers version 1.1 of Cooperstock Software's HTML MessageBox library for Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista and higher.


The HTML MessageBox is a DLL that provides an almost complete replacement for the standard Windows MessageBox() API, except that for the text, some HTML elements can be used to set fonts and provide emphasis, to make your MessageBoxes more readable and usable to your program's users. Here's an example:




The HTML MessageBox is provided in two DLLs:


HtmlMessageBox.dll, which contains the core functionality, with several functions callable with the standard Windows API calling convention.
HtmlMessageBoxCom.dll, which provides a COM cover for the functions in HtmlMessageBox.dll, and must be used with it.


In addition, it is provided with sample code for using those functions in .NET from C# (via a PInvoke cover class), and for using it from PowerBuilder (via a non-visual object, that has an API more like the standard PowerBuilder MessageBox() function).


Between all of these calling options, the HTML MessageBox should be usable from virtually any Windows application.Please note that all methods expect UNICODE strings to be used (wchar_t in C/C++, String in .NET, etc.). If you need an ASCII version, please contact me for assistance.


The HTML MessageBox is freeware.