Technical Support

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There are three ways that I would recommend to resolve problems with the HTML MessageBox program, and to answer questions about it:


1.Read the Help File: Most of your questions should be answered by carefully reading or searching in the help file.


3.Email me directly, using the Contact Information below. It is also possible to phone me, but I would strongly encourage you to try email first.


Note: Because the HTML MessageBox is free, personal support may be limited based on our availability. This includes support by email, and by phone.


Contact Information


You may contact me in any of the following manners:






Dan Cooperstock

57 Gledhill Ave.

Toronto, Ontario  M4C 5K7





NOTE: I reserve the right to return long-distance calls by calling collect.




(Skype is a free Internet telephony solution, from


I hope that the program is so simple that there should be very few problems that this help file and a bit of experimenting will not solve.


Please be sure to report any bugs you feel you find in the program to me, and I will try to fix them (if I agree that they are bugs!) within a reasonable period of time. I would also be pleased to hear enhancement requests, to add or improve features. I do not promise to add any such requests to the program though, only to consider them.