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Screenshots & Samples

Here are some sample MessageBoxes created with the program, with the HTML used to generate them.

HTML: "The <u><font color=BLUE>Better</u></font> <b>Bolder</b><br><b><font size=16 face="Courier New">MessageBox()</font></b>."
Comments: This is the web site's logo, which is an actual output from the HTML MessageBox.

HTML: "The HTML MessageBox supports <b>bold</b>, <i>italic</i>, <u>underline</u> and<BR>fonts with different <font face="Broadway">faces</font>, <font size=14>point sizes</font> and <font color=#FF0000>colors</font>." sample2
Comments: (Of course, you can also use any combination of the <font> tag's face, size and color attributes in one tag.

HTML: "You can use entities to display actual tags like &lt;b&gt;." sample3

HTML: "Use any combination of the standard MessageBox icons and<br>buttons, and set the default button, by setting the flags argument<br>to the HtmlMessageBox() function appropriately." sample4
Comments: This MessageBox would have looked fine without the forced line breaks (with <br>). It wraps onto 2 lines in that case. However, I was concerned about the screen width available on these web pages so I forced it to be a bit narrower.

HTML: "It appears that your screen settings are not set to use Normal size fonts (96 DPI), and in addition your screen resolution is less than 1024 x 768.<br><br><b>DONATION will not work properly with Large size Fonts at smaller screen resolutions (e.g. at 800 x 600)</b>, because you will not be able to see all of the main window, and field labels may be cut off.<br><br>To switch to Normal size Fonts or change your screen resolution, use <b>Start -> Settings -> Control Panel</b>, and select the Display tool. On the window that comes up, switch to the Settings tab. On that tab, there will be a slider control for changing the screen resolution. Also, depending on your version of Windows you will either see a control where you can pick Small Fonts or Large Fonts (pick Small), or you will have to click the 'Advanced' button, and you will see the required control for selecting Normal size (96 DPI) or Large size (120 DPI) on the window that then comes up.<br><br><b>Please contact Cooperstock Software for further assistance if you have any problems with this." Click to see full-sized version
Comments: (Click on the image to see the full-sized version.) This is a real-life MessageBox which needs to say a lot, from my own DONATION application. It shows the need for some emphasis on the most important points. It also demonstrates my expectation that in most real-life cases, having a larger base font and using bold is all you may really choose to use.

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