The HTML MessageBox

from Cooperstock Software
Support & Contact

You can contact Cooperstock Software (the business that owns the HTML MessageBox) in any of the following ways:

Cooperstock Software
57 Gledhill Ave.
Toronto ON  M4C 5K7
(416) 423-7722

Technical Support Information

There are two recommended ways to resolve problems with the HTML MessageBox, and to have your questions about it answered:

  1. Read the Help: Most common questions should be able to be answered by carefully reading or searching in the Help. Once the program has been installed, you can access the help in the file HtmlMessageBox.chm in the installation directory. You can also read the help online from the Documentation page.
  2. Email Cooperstock Software directly at It is also possible to phone us, but we would strongly encourage you to try email first.

Note about SPAM and email: We receive a lot of SPAM, and our SPAM-checker does sometimes mis-identify legitimate email as SPAM. So please ensure that you have a clear Subject line in your email so we can tell at a glance that it isn't SPAM. Using the name of the program, "HTML MessageBox", in your Subject line will help! If you email us and receive no reply in a day or two, it is almost certainly because your email was accidentally classified as SPAM and ignored. Please write again with a clearer subject line, or phone.

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