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Links Related to the ACCOUNTS Software

Seeking a software solution for your organization? Check out some other programs and companies that handle accounting, or other needs of charities and churches.

We do not endorse any of these other products, or (in most cases) offer opinions about them. (Naturally, we'd like you to use the ACCOUNTS program if it suits your needs. Check out Why Choose ACCOUNTS? before selecting a different program.)

If you know of other products that should be on these lists, please contact Cooperstock Software.

Some products that we do recommend to our users are on the Recommended Products and Services page.

Lists of Products Related to ACCOUNTS

Capterra Fund Accounting Software page

You can also leave a review of ACCOUNTS on Capterra's Review Form.

Investopedia's Best Accounting Software for Nonprofits lists ACCOUNTS as "Best for Small Organizations".

MBS Inc. (Ministry Business Services) does an annual Church & Donor Management Software (ChMS) article, with a feature chart and list of vendor details, that lists the combined features of DONATION and ACCOUNTS, under Software4Nonprofits. We feel that DONATION comes off appearing somewhat unfairly lacking in features in this chart, because they don't happen to list a lot of features that DONATION has.

the balance small business page 5 Free or Low-Cost Accounting Software Options for Nonprofits, which lists ACCOUNTS as its first choice!

Specific Products Related to ACCOUNTS

Here are a accounting products (in some cases, fund accounting) specific to non-profits and churches (some seem to be aimed primarily at churches). Pricing is as of investigations in mid-2015. There are other products out there that cost much more, that are not listed. And of course there are the affordable mass-market standards, like QuickBooks, but none of them really do fund accounting simply and automatically like ACCOUNTS does.

Aplos Web Suite - a simple online fund accounting system, priced from $15/month for a single user. Includes accepting online contributions. Add $15/month for their contributions management module (parts of what our DONATION program does).

IconCMO Church Management Online - complete church management, including fund accounting, prices start at $30/month for up to 100 families the system

Logos Fund Accounting - starts at $264/year for Sunday attendance up to 100 people, excluding payroll

PowerChurch Plus - includes donations, fund accounting and payroll, price $395.

Treasurers Briefcase - extremely simple online checkbook accounting program for non-profits. Does not support any asset or liability accounts other than checking accounts, and does not support fund accounting. Pricing ranges from free for a very limited version to $179/year.

QuickBooks for Non-Profits (U.S. Version) or QuickBooks for Non-Profits (Canadian Version) - If you must use QuickBooks rather than our ACCOUNTS program, this version of QuickBooks Premier Desktop has some improvements over the regular QuickBooks in terms of naming etc. However, if you do fund accounting, although you can track income and expenses by fund by using classes, it is still quite difficult to maintain your fund balances. Our ACCOUNTS program does that automatically for you. Currently priced from $499.99 for up to 2 users, or $74/month with payroll included.

Other Good Sites and Services for Non-Profits

Tech Soup - "The Technology Place for Nonprofits". Has lots of resources, and highly discounted software for non-profits, including Microsoft products.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy - The Newspaper of the Nonprofit World.

TechImpact is a U.S. non-profit that provides services to other non-profits, including a technology learning center (incorporating the former IdealWare, which merged with it).

NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network, is a membership organization of nonprofit professionals who put technology to use for their causes. NTEN is a community of peers who share technology solutions across the sector and support each other's work. NTEN enables its members to embrace advances in technology through knowledge sharing, trainings, research and industry analysis.

Nonprofit Technology News is a site with various types of information for nonprofits, including sections on Accounting, Management, Reviews, Tech Tips, News and Careers.

They have a Review of our DONATION and ACCOUNTS programs, written in May 2021.

Financing Solutions describes themselves as follows:

Financing Solutions is the leading provider of Lines of Credit to Nonprofit Organizations throughout the United States. Our Line of Credit program is easy to get in place, costs nothing when not being used, and requires no collateral or personal guarantees. If your nonprofit is doing at least $400,000 per year in revenue, you will qualify. Every nonprofit should have a Line of Credit...Just in case. 862-207-4118.

MinistryTech by Church Leaders (formerly called Christian Computing Magazine or CCMag) - A free, monthly emailed magazine with articles, reviews and advertisements related to computer software for churches, and other computer issues from a Christian standpoint. They reviewed DONATION in their August 2007 issue, which unfortunately is no longer available online. They seem to have a policy of only writing articles about software vendors who regularly advertise with them (which we do not).

Nonprofit Information is a site that amalgamates helpful articles for nonprofits. We have a paid submission of an article about our products there, titled A Simple, Affordable Way to Manage your Donations, Receipting and Accounting.

Solutions for Secretaries of Small NPO's is an interesting-looking book, together with a web site including a discussion forum, for the secretaries and administrators of small non-profit organizations (specifically in the USA). Note: I haven't actually read the book, but I did look at the table of contents and a sample chapter. It includes a free Microsoft Access application (which requires Access) for tracking members and donations.

Canadian Web Sites accepts online donations for almost all Canadian charities, and issues electronic receipts Charities can register for free to receive better services and listings. A credit card transaction fee (3% as of July, 2006) is deducted from donations (it is paid directly to the credit card companies, not kept by is itself a charity. is a major general website for the Canadian nonprofit sector. It contains news, jobs, information and resources for executives, staffers, donors, and volunteers. They also published and article I wrote, "Why not to create a do-it-yourself donation tracking and receipting system".

Church Treasurers of Canada Inc. assists treasurers, bookkeepers and financial administrators of churches and ministries as they deal with the unique problems of their position. The website provides plenty of free information, while those who purchase a membership have additional benefits including access to the Member's Only page and receiving individual attention to their specific questions.

Canadian Centre for Christian Charities is a membership-based organization that offers a lot of good resources and advice to Christian charities. aims to help build and strengthen Canada's non-profit sector by connecting non-profits across the country with job seekers as well as suppliers of services and products.

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