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OnDemand Version of ACCOUNTS Software

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Easily do your church or charity's bookkeeping, including simple and automatic fund accounting, with the ACCOUNTS software program.

In the OnDemand Version of ACCOUNTS, both the program and your database are on a server over the Internet, and all you have to install is a small OnDemand client program. That client program gives you remote-control access to the program, sending screens, keystrokes and mouse actions over the Internet.

It is the easiest way to install and use ACCOUNTS with multiple users over the Internet.

Other versions of ACCOUNTS that also allow sharing a database between multiple users are:

  • The Standard version, that can be used on just a single computer, or shared over the Internet using its Cloud Storage Service.
  • The Local Network Versions are for use on computers within one local network (not over the Internet).

Regardless of which version you use, pricing does not depend on the number of computers on which you install ACCOUNTS or number of users for OnDemand.

For complete details on the OnDemand version, please see the online copy of the Help pages about it, starting here.

The OnDemand Version is Cloud-Based

The OnDemand version of ACCOUNTS is a cloud-based solution that just requires the installation of small OnDemand client program on your computer. It doesn't run through a web browser like Edge or Chrome. Your computer does need to have reasonably fast, reliable Internet access, to access the program, and you can use multiple computers to access the same database, from anywhere that has a fast Internet connection and the OnDemand client installed.

The OnDemand Version runs on Macs and Tablets!

The OnDemand Version is the first version of ACCOUNTS that will run directly on Apple Mac computers, without installing extra software to allow you to run Microsoft Windows on that computer. You just have to install the Mac version of the OnDemand client software. The program will still look like a Windows program though! There are also OnDemand client software versions that you can use on iPad or Android tablets, though that would only be recommended for mimimal look-ups of data and reports.

Is the OnDemand Version of the ACCOUNTS Software for You?

The OnDemand Version has some advantages, and some disadvantages, when compared to the other versions.

Select the OnDemand version if:

  • You want access to your database from multiple computers over the Internet with the ability for multiple people to do data entry at the same time, and
  • Not all of those computers are within one local network.
  • You don't want to be bothered with installing and periodically upgrading the full installation program on your computers.
  • You want to be able to run ACCOUNTS on a Mac.

One slight disadvantage of the OnDemand Version is that because you are transmitting screens, keyboard and mouse action over the Internet, rather than running directly on a local computer, it will of course be a little bit slower.

See also the ACCOUNTS Version Comparison page for a comparison between the versions, the Selecting the Best Version page for help with that selection, and the Multiple User Options Help page for pros and cons of all of the ways to share a database between multiple users or computers.

The OnDemand Version provides the option, unavailable with the Standard version's Cloud Storage Service, of simultaneous users doing data entry. With the Cloud Storage Service, one person can be doing data entry and others can use the database read-only, for lookups and reporting, at the same time.

ACCOUNTS Software OnDemand Version Pricing

The OnDemand version is priced higher than the Standard version, because of the ability to have multiple users accessing the database simultaneously. Another reason for the higher price is that there is actually a real cost to us for our use of the server, based on the number of simultaneous users across all customers. (The servers are maintained by ACS Technologies.)

Because with the OnDemand Version you are now paying for a service, you must keep up your annual payments to be allowed continued access to the program.

Existing users of the Local Network version whose support is paid up do not have to pay to switch to the OnDemand Version. However, if your support for that version has expired, we do require you to make that current first, before we set you up for OnDemand.

If you are using the Standard version and you want to switch to the OnDemand Version, this upgrade pricing will apply. The upgrade fee must be paid before we set you up for OnDemand. If you decide you don't like OnDemand and want to go back to Standard, we will refund the upgrade fee as long as you request that within 30 days.

Like all other versions, you can have multiple databases for multiple organizations with no additional charge.

ACCOUNTS Software OnDemand Version Installation

Installation: First, download and install the OnDemand client software. Use the download links towards the bottom of this page. If you have an existing installation of any other version on one or more computers, it will be best if you initially do that on the computer that has the most up-to-date copy of your database on it.

Unlike all other versions of ACCOUNTS, you do not have to install the ACCOUNTS program itself when you use the OnDemand version, and you never have to upgrade it. We take care of all of that on the server.

Payment: If you are an existing user of ACCOUNTS, an upgrade payment may be required before we set you up for OnDemand - see the Pricing section above. If you are not an existing user of ACCOUNTS, and have not previously registered to evaluate it, you also need to register on the Register your ACCOUNTS Software page before we can do that setup for you.

Get your Login: The next step is to contact us and inform us that you want to start using, or switch to, the OnDemand version, with the name and email address of the person who will be the initial administrator for it. (That person will be able to set up additional users.) We will then send you the login information for that administrator.

Then follow one of these next three sets of steps, depending on your situation:

New User: You are a brand new user of ACCOUNTS and do not have any data in any previous version of ACCOUNTS:

  1. Run the OnDemand client program that you installed, and log in with the information we sent you.
  2. Run ACCOUNTS from the menu window that comes up, by double-clicking on its icon.
  3. In the Startup Options window that comes up, choose the first option, to initialize your database as a new user, and start working normally.

Switching from the Standard, Local Network or Lite version: If you are switching from one of those versions, do these steps:

  1. Run your existing version of ACCOUNTS. (If you have the Local Network version, do this on the computer with the Local Network Server version.)
  2. Make a database backup, with the Backup/Restore ⇒ Backup Database menu option, and note the drive and directory where you saved it.
  3. Exit ACCOUNTS.
  4. Run the OnDemand client program that you installed, and log in with the information we sent you.
  5. Run ACCOUNTS from the menu window that comes up, by double-clicking on its icon.
  6. In the Startup Options window that comes up, choose the 2nd option, to restore a database backup.
  7. When you are prompted for the backup file to restore, navigate to and restore the backup from wherever you stored it. However, in the window that opens to select the backup file, your normal C: drive will show up as J:, and further drives will show up as further letters, so for instance a USB memory key on D: will show up as K:. So that is where you will need to restore your backup from!

Switching from the Remote Database version:

Most users of that version have been migrated to the Standard or OnDemand versions. If you are still using the Remote Database version, please contact us for assistance in switching.

After following one of those three sets of steps, continue on as follows.

License Key: If you have paid up to date, if you are prompted after that with the Licensing and Evaluation window, just re-request your license key using the button on that window, and we will send it to you. (Alternatively, the program may prompt you to automatically retrieve the key.)

If you are a new user and have not paid yet, or you are an existing user whose support has expired, you can just continue using the program as an evaluation user, until you pay.

Register: If you are prompted to register after these steps, please do so, to inform us that you are using the OnDemand version, and to get onto the mailing list if you aren't already on it. If you aren't prompted to do so, you can do it with the program's Tools ⇒ Register Online menu option.

Switching back: Of course, if you try the OnDemand Version and wish to switch back to another version like Standard, you can always do so - just ask us for instructions.

OnDemand User Management

After your first login, you will be able to set up additional individual logins for other users (please see the program's Help topic On Demand - User Management for full details). In brief, each user has to be set up in two places:

  1. In the User Management application on the window you see after logging in, that also has ACCOUNTS on it, and
  2. In the ACCOUNTS program's Maintenance ⇒ Administer All users menu option's window.

Those users can then also install the OnDemand client on their computers, and log in to the same database with the credentials you have created for them.

If one user is using the OnDemand Version, all users have to, or you will not be accessing the same copy of the database!

OnDemand Version Security

All communication through the OnDemand client to the server is encrypted, using secure protocols.

However, ultimately the final level of security will always depend on securing the login user name and password you use to access the program. (Anyone with that information could install the OnDemand client software and access your program and database. Virtually any cloud-based or web-based software has exactly this same problem!)

Try the ACCOUNTS OnDemand Version for Free

Free 60-day Evaluation! New users who don't already own ACCOUNTS can start using the OnDemand version for free, with a 60-day evaluation period. Just follow the installation steps listed above. Do not pay until you decide to use the program for your organization.

Download Links and Special Instructions

Note: If you own, or wish to evaluate, both ACCOUNTS and our other program DONATION, you do not have to install more than one of the OnDemand clients below. Both programs can be run from one client.

If you are in a country other than Canada or the U.S.A., you may not initially be able to download or use the OnDemand software. Please contact us if this is an issue for you and we can explain how that can be arranged.

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