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Pricing for the ACCOUNTS Software, Effective January 1, 2022

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ACCOUNTS Software Pricing at a Glance

ACCOUNTS Version Features Annual Fee
Standard One simultaneous user, annual payments required to keep using it, up to 5 organizations/databases $95, includes email support and upgrades
OnDemand or Local Network Up to 5 simultaneous users or over 5 organizations/databases, annual payments required to keep using it $165, includes email support and upgrades
Upgrading From the Standard to the 5 simultaneous user Local Network or OnDemand versions Varies, see below for details
Phone Support Per-incident for phone support rather than email support, at your request. $25, only available for users paid up for email support

ACCOUNTS Subscription Pricing

There is no charge to download or evaluate ACCOUNTS. To continue using a full version of the program after the 60-day evaluation period, the Annual Fees listed in the table above apply, plus tax for Canadian users.

After your first Annual Fee payment in 2022 or later, you will need to pay again in each subsequent year of use, in order to be entitled to keep using the program.

In addition, if you are running the OnDemand version, or you have paid in 2022 or later and are runing Release # 3.00 or later of the Standard or Local Network version, once a year's Annual Fee payment has expired, and after a 30-day grace period, the program will stop working without further payment. Your data will still be there! As soon as you pay again and get an updated license key, you will be able to access it.

Paying the Annual Fee entitles you to:

  • A license key to the software
  • Technical support by email and upgrades
  • Continued use of the program for 12 months

Once you have paid your Annual Fee for ACCOUNTS each year, and received an email receipt for it, you can request a license key to convert your 60-day evaluation version of ACCOUNTS to the full unrestricted version, or continue your usage in future years, through the program's Evaluation and Licensing window. Any data you have entered up to that point will be unaffected by this process.

Good to Know

  • Unlike in years prior to 2022, there is no difference between the price to purchase the program in your first year of use and the price to renew your support of it in the following years.
  • An Annual Fee payment set your new expiry date to the later of: 12 months after your previous expiry date (if any), and 12 months after the date your payment is received.
  • All versions work only on Microsoft Windows, except for the OnDemand version that also works on Macs.
  • The program can can handle accounting for multiple organizations with the same copy of ACCOUNTS, at no additional charge.
  • You can install the Standard version of ACCOUNTS on multiple computers for one price. It can have multiple databases, though only up to 5 for the $95 price. (Only one user can change the data at a time, however, because there is no way to merge changes.)
  • See the Help topic Multiple User Options for details on various ways to share databases between users.
  • You can install the Local Network version on any number of computers on your local area network in your office, and use it on up to five of those computers simultaneously.
  • You can install the OnDemand client on any number of computers anywhere (including Macs), and use them on up to five of those computers simultaneously.
  • Users of the Standard version with over 5 databases for 5 organizations (or parts of the same organization) are charged the Local Network version prices, though they may choose to only install the Standard version, because of the additional administrative cost to us of giving them license keys for each database.
  • We will contact you annually to remind you when it is time to renew your email support and upgrades subscription. The program will also warn you when your renewal date is coming up.
  • You can save on your Annual Fees by earning referral rewards!

Pay your Annual Fee for ACCOUNTS by using a credit card via PayPal.

Multiple Users with Multiple Databases

The Standard, Local Network and OnDemand versions of ACCOUNTS allow you to have multiple databases for multiple organizations, through the File ⇒ New Database and File ⇒ Open Database menu options, at no extra charge (up to 5 for the Standard version at no extra charge). If you have multiple people using the program (which we call "users"), all of whom regularly use the multiple databases, that is fine.

However, if there really is just one main person using each database, who is different from the main person using each other database, and other users never (or only rarely) access that database, that is not the intention of our allowing this to be done at no extra charge. In that case, we would expect that the main user for each organization / database would register and pay for the program separately.

For instance, if one user uses ACCOUNTS for two organizations, but occasionally another user needs to look at both of those databases, or take over while the first user is away on vacation, that's fine.

But suppose you have one primary user using ACCOUNTS for one organization, and a different primary user using ACCOUNTS for another organization, with perhaps occasional switching places while one or the other is on vacation. If they have only one registration and payment, and they are using multiple databases through File ⇒ New Database and File ⇒ Open Database and using one of the multiple user options, that would not be considered to be a reasonable application of our pricing structure. They should register and pay separately.

Upgrading your ACCOUNTS Software from Standard to 5 simultaneous user Local Network or OnDemand Versions

You can always upgrade from the Standard version to the 5 simultaneous user Local Network or OnDemand version, by paying as follows:

  • If you have not yet purchased the program, or your support has expired, just pay the usual Annual Fee for your desired version, $165. That entitles you to a year of email support and upgrades.
  • If you have previously purchased the Standard version, and you are in the middle of a paid support period for that version, pay $6 per remaining full month in that support period. At the end of that support period, to continue using the program, and your eligibility for support and upgrades, pay the $165 Annual Fee for your version.

Then you install the desired version as you normally would, usually starting by installing the Local Network Server version on top of your existing Standard version, or installing the OnDemand Client and following the installation and conversion instructions.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help calculating the correct price for this upgrade. These non-standard payment amounts can be paid online, if you wish, through the Custom Payment option on the Payment page.

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