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General Information on the ACCOUNTS Software

Easily do your church or charity's bookkeeping, including simple and automatic fund accounting, with the ACCOUNTS software program.

Cooperstock Software's ACCOUNTS program for Windows lets you easily:

  • Track income and expenses
  • Track fund balances
  • Create reports on your balances, income and expenses, and transactions

An excellent solution for small to mid-sized charities, churches and other faith groups, ACCOUNTS is user-friendly and easier to use than many comparable but more complex programs.

Versions of the ACCOUNTS Software

ACCOUNTS comes in several versions: the normal Standard version, the Local Network version, and the OnDemand version.

See the ACCOUNTS Version Comparison page to understand the differences between them, and the Selecting the Best Version of ACCOUNTS page to help you choose.

Try ACCOUNTS Software for Free

Free 60-day Evaluation! Download and evaluate ACCOUNTS on your Windows computer for free. (Mac users should select the OnDemand version that has an OnDemand Client program for Macs.) Do not pay until you decide to use the program for your organization. Check the PRICING/PAYMENT details.


See ACCOUNTS Software in Action

Video Demos

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