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Register your ACCOUNTS Software

Register your ACCOUNTS Software Before Payment

You need to register before paying for a license or requesting your license key, because we cannot process either without having a registration for you on file. The easiest way to register is with the Tools ⇒ Register Online menu option in the program after installation, as long as you have Internet access on your computer. Otherwise, you can do so directly from this website, using the registration form below.

By registering, you agree to be added to the mailing list, to which Cooperstock Software sends occasional emails with news about ACCOUNTS, including announcements of new versions. We may also contact you by email and/or phone one to two months after your registration if we have not heard from you, to check how your evaluation is going. You can unsubscribe from our mailings at any time, by clicking on an unsubscribe link from any mass mailing, or contacting us directly by email at

  • Please provide a generic email address within your organization, if there is one that will reach you, so your organization stays on the mailing list if you leave the organization or are no longer the appropriate contact person.
  • Please provide at least the country you are in for your postal address, so we can send you special details you need to know about using ACCOUNTS in your country.

You can read the license agreement for the program and our Privacy Policy before registering.