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Testimonials for the ACCOUNTS Software

As well as the testimonials given directly to Software4Nonprofits below, there are many short reviews of ACCOUNTS on the software listing site Capterra. And you can find further reviews of our software (which might be for DONATION or ACCOUNTS) on Google, by doing a search for "Cooperstock Software" and looking at what comes up on the right side of the page.

This was a reply after we answered their emailed tech support question about how to move the program to a different computer, by sending a link to the Help page with full instructions on doing that:

Thank you, Dan. Everything worked smoothly; totally painless.

I have to compliment you for your thoroughness. Everything is documented well, and it is written for a common man, rather than an expert.

I am honestly thrilled with this software and the SERVICE.

Satish Gupta, President
EduSpark Corporation, Bound Brook NJ
October 2021

This was a reply after we answered their emailed tech support question within 10 minutes after they asked it. (We aren't always that fast, but during office hours, we always try to answer emails within an hour.)

Wow, thanks for the fast reply! Sure beats waiting on the phone for hours to get help from QuickBooks!

W Hutchins, Treasurer
IndigeSTEAM Society, Calgary AB
March 2021

I am a retired chartered accountant with an information technology specialist designation, with many years installing and configuring Accpac for Windows. I gotta say you did a marvelous job with both the ACCOUNTS and DONATIONS software. Good for you!

Steve Appleby, retired CA-IT
June 2019

QuickBooks (QB) was the initial software of choice for doing books for two churches in the area. One of the churches was using DONATION for recording their contributions and issuing their taxable donation slips at year-end. I had to migrate to a new computer after a few years of using QB and found that their pricing structure moved entirely to monthly subscription plans. The cost was far more than reasonable for the size of the requirements so I did a test run of using ACCOUNTS. The first thing I noticed was that the platform both DONATION and ACCOUNTS use is lean and fast and not slow like QB. I was running an entry level gaming laptop with lots of memory and a solid-state drive so I knew QB was suffering from a poor platform.

The second thing that impressed me was the simplicity of the software. These packages were scaled appropriately to the needs of these two churches. QB and larger solutions had more functionality but I found I wasn't using them for the basic needs of these churches. Entering transactions was faster and more keyboard integrated than QB. Running reports was much faster. The integration between ACCOUNTS and DONATION is so well-done its as if they are one software solution.

I recommend ACCOUNTS and DONATION to most churches or not-for-profit organizations. The software is lean, well-built, and easy to use.

And one more thing. The support for both ACCOUNTS and DONATION is very prompt and personal. For users that need support, the team responds quickly and is available on off-hours.

Well done, Software4Nonprofits.

Nathaniel Gingrich, CPA, CGA
Englehart ON, Canada
June 2019

ACCOUNTS is simply fantastic! Our small church has been a user of DONATION since 2009, and in 2013 we made the switch into ACCOUNTS (from QuickBooks). It is so easy to do our recordkeeping (including tracking our GST for rebate purposes), and with the "Import from DONATION" feature, we don't waste time double entering our Sunday or monthly pre-authorized donations deposits! The reporting is very thorough and clean to read, which is a pleasure for our Board and a pleasure for me to create those reports at the push of a button. With the latest upgrades to ACCOUNTS, we can now "drill down" in our reports to look at specific transactions, we can duplicate journal entries, etc. The many continued improvements and updates to both DONATION and ACCOUNTS keep us very satisfied that we are using the best solutions on the market for our needs. We are so satisfied with both DONATION and ACCOUNTS and I highly recommend them to any church organization. Thanks Dan and Kwame and team!

Karen Henderson, Treasurer
Naramata Community Church, Naramata, BC
January 2019

As the new Church Treasurer, I needed accounting software on which to keep the books. After doing some on-line research, I came across Software4Nonprofits and downloaded the free trial of the ACCOUNTS program. The program is easy to use. It did not take long to get the chart of accounts set up, opening balances set, and a month's worth of transactions in. It fits our organization's needs and my needs very nicely. And the help file is, without a doubt, the most "helpful" help file I have ever encountered. They should be giving Microsoft some lessons.

Bruce Hynes, Treasurer
First Baptist Church, Brockville ON
February 2015

I am not an accountant but I have been maintaining the membership, contributions and accounting for our small church for the past 17 years. During that time, I have researched, purchased and used several software packages. Some were made for churches and others were adapted for use in a church. I am currently using "DONATION" and "ACCOUNTS" from Software4Nonprofits. This is the first software that I have used that seems to truly understand the unique fund accounting used by churches. The software is easy to use. Once you get all your membership and accounts set up properly, the weekly and monthly bookkeeping is a snap. The two different software packages were written to work together flawlessly. The last system I used consisted of two software packages that partially worked together plus a spreadsheet to make up for what the software could not do. In some instances, I had to input triple entries. I am glad those days are gone. The technical support I have received has been second to none. The help files in the software are quite extensive and so I have only needed to get help by email two or three times. I have always received responses in less than 24 hours. In addition to all this, this is the best priced software I have used. Absolutely the best value. Thank you Dan and your staff for all you do.
Your very satisfied customer, John

John Savage, Bookkeeper
Northside Community Church, Eufaula AL
September 2014

I have been using the "ACCOUNTS" software for 7 months now. Prior to switching to "ACCOUNTS" I had been using "MoneyCounts" for the past 18 years. I have been looking for a direct replacement for "MoneyCounts" for about four years now as it is long out of production and no longer supported. I have evaluated both "QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit Edition" as well as "Sage50", neither will properly handle "Fund Accounting" which is our basic number one requirement for Church accounting software. The "ACCOUNTS" software properly handles "Fund Accounting" and keeps our fund balances correct as we have multiple funds running through two bank accounts. The customer support for "ACCOUNTS" has been awesome! When I initially evaluated the program the cheque printing did not align properly with our cheque stock. Within two days, the team at Software4Nonprofits came out with a program revision that allows the user to adjust the print position of the various printed elements on the cheque (you still have to use the correct basic cheque format) to allow for slight variations on your cheque stock. For any small to medium sized Church looking for simple bookkeeping tools, "ACCOUNTS" will do the job very well for you.

David Bergey, Treasurer
Graceway Baptist Church, Milton, ON
September 2014

I have been using the ACCOUNTS software for 9 months now. I find this program much more user friendly than other accounting / bookkeeping software. We are a church group with multiple bank accounts. I really enjoy the ability to access different bank accounts while doing the financial entries and print various reports for each account. As a volunteer treasurer with no bookkeeping experience, it is a great software program for those who find other software programs challenging. Thank you!

Laura Creasy, Treasurer
First United Church, Hanna AB
September 2014

I have been using DONATION since 2001 and was using Simply Accounting for the financial aspect of the two organizations I was involved in ... last year I decided to try ACCOUNTS, as I was finding Simply Accounting too cumbersome for our organization's needs. I was not actually too surprised to find that ACCOUNTS was extremely "user friendly" and permitted me to do the work in less time and with greater ease. I would highly recommend ACCOUNTS to both large and small non-profit organizations, who want to keep accurate, detailed reports with minimum effort! It was an extremely easy transition for me, to go from Simply Accounting to ACCOUNTS, although I did contact Dan a couple of times, for some assistance (which he very kindly provided very, very quickly) and since then, having been enjoying a chore I used to dread!

I certainly do not use all the available procedures in ACCOUNTS, but the ones I do use, are very easy to use, understand and provide all the detail we require.

Margie Cameron,
Former recording Secretary, Union Presbyterian Church
and Treasurer, Thorburn Cemetery Association, Thorburn NS
September 2014

I want to thank you for creating the easy-to-use ACCOUNTS program.

We were using a combination of Quicken and several Excel spreadsheets to keep track of our church's financial condition. However, as we have grown, we were running into problems and our accountants suggested that we look into other software.

We looked at several other financial packages, but none of them had the ease of use that your ACCOUNTS program did. The setup and transition from our Quicken/Excel system to your software was very easy and our bookkeeper had no problem picking up the new data entry procedures. In fact, with the specific-purpose data entry windows for writing checks, entering deposits etc., it will be less confusing and make procedures more specific. Your standard reports are very good, and with the filtering and sorting capabilities, account-specific reports are very easy to generate.

If someone would like to talk to a user, feel free to have them give me a call.
[Contact Software4Nonprofits if you want his phone number.]

C. Neal Carter, Treasurer
Church of the Open Door, York PA
January 2013

ACCOUNTS is amazing!

I have taken classes on QuickBooks, and used it to keep the books for my church and for Meals on Wheels. After I got into it in detail, QuickBooks is very 'unpolished'. Among other things, I expected it to be able to provide easier data entry. QuickBooks is lacking in many areas that the previous program I had been using since 2003 could handle.

Tonight, after playing with ACCOUNTS for a while, I finally got around to converting the accounting data for Meals on Wheels over to it. In digging more into its operations, ACCOUNTS is what is needed by most small 'unsophisticated' non-profit organizations. I have been in a few trying to help them get their accounting back on track, and this is what I need. I am turning over the Treasurer duties at Meals on Wheels to a non-accountant and I feel that no matter who holds the position, with ACCOUNTS they will be able to provide the board with the information they will need to manage the organization.

You have done a great job with the program!

Jeff Smith
Treasurer, Calvary Chapel Farmville
Chairman, Meals on Wheels of Prince Edward County Virginia
January 2013

I have been entering my data into ACCOUNTS on a trial basis and the reports it is providing will be very helpful. I have been using Quicken for some time, and have been using an Excel spreadsheet for my monthly church report. While that served the purpose, it was very time consuming. ACCOUNTS will provide all the information I need. Dan has been very helpful with my problems learning this system and his support was immediate and great. I would recommend this software to anyone considering a different accounting program.

Peter Smith, Treasurer
Calvin United Church, Pembroke ON
December 2012

The treasurer of our church was struggling with the traditional retail accounting system, trying to understand it, and to fit square pegs into round holes. So I was enlisted to help set up a new system using a Trust Fund Accounting System. The program he picked was ACCOUNTS. It imported all of the account structure from the old system, then I assisted in completing the setup. The only thing I had to do was ensure that the opening balances were correctly transcribed, and put the net Owner's Equity into the "General Fund". The conversion process was simple and seamless.

Since then, I have been looking at all of the built in reports. They are excellent, and can serve the needs of each of the major users of financial reports: The Treasurer, The Wardens, Parish Council and the Annual Vestry, Trust Fund owners or managers, and The Auditors.

As a retired accountant, I insisted we run both systems in parallel for a year. Our treasurer has entered 11 months of data for the current year (from Jan 1 to Dec 9) in the month since we decided to use ACCOUNTS. He has achieved the goal of running in parallel by entering all of the data from the old system and producing reports from both systems that show identical answers. That alone speaks to how easy it is to use the program. He has made a dual presentation of the "Traditional Financial Statements" to Parish Council, followed by a complete set of statements from ACCOUNTS.

ACCOUNTS has revealed some internal bookkeeping inconsistencies in the old system that he has now corrected. Before we begin to use ACCOUNTS as our only accounting system in the new year, the Wardens, Treasurer and I will meet to re-arrange individual accounts to better display our results for the various users of the financial statements. Again, this is easily achieved in ACCOUNTS.

Ashley Waigh, retired accountant and advisor
The Parish of Ashton, Christ Church Ashton, Ashton ON
December 2012

I have used the DONATION program since 2010 and I have found it easy to use: it can generate great reports, it is easy to get help if needed and it saved me numerous hours over my previous system. I just recently purchased the ACCOUNTS program to start using in 2013. Although I have not actually used it for our organization yet I have been practising with it and I really like it. I feel it is easy to use, has great reports and it will save me a lot of time. Dan Cooperstock from is very quick to answer inquiries and is only an email away. My wife who works for a Church is going to purchase ACCOUNTS for 2013 mainly because it is easy to use but also because her present program has increased in price a lot for next year.

Dickie MacDonald, Board Member
Hands Across The Sea Association, Yarmouth NS
December 2012

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