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ACCOUNTS Software User List

Check out a few of the over 1,300 registered users of ACCOUNTS (as of early 2021). User profile:

  • Slightly over half of the users are in Canada.
  • Slightly under half are in the U.S.A.
  • A few are in other countries.

Users on this list have given permission to be listed. If their contact info appears, they are willing to serve as references for ACCOUNTS. (Others may also be willing to be references, by request to us for a contact with them, but just don't wish their contact information to be publicly listed on our website.) Appearance in this list indicates the organization is a satisfied user of ACCOUNTS.

To be listed here as a ACCOUNTS user, please contact Cooperstock Software.

Canadian Users of ACCOUNTS Software

  • Debbie Visconti, Treasurer, Rat Terrier Rescue Canada, Toronto ON,
  • David Bergey, Treasurer, Graceway Baptist Church, Milton ON,
  • Drew Shelley, Treasurer, Tavistock Bible Chapel, Tavistock ON,
  • First United Church, Hanna AB
  • Krista Kuehnbaum, Accountant, Evangelical Lutheran Foundation of Eastern Canada, Waterloo ON,
  • Margie Cameron, Treasurer, The Thorburn Cemetery Association, Thorburn NS,
  • R. Rutman, Treasurer, Jewish Music Week in Toronto, Toronto ON,
  • Susan Mitchell, Treasurer, Hagersville United Church, Haversville ON,

U.S. Users of ACCOUNTS Software

  • David Perkins, First Christian Church (DOC), Morehead, KY,

International Users of ACCOUNTS Software

  • Connie Ng, Associate Pastor, Faith City Church, Malaysia
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