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ACCOUNTS Software Version Comparison

Note:The Standard version shown here was previously called the Standalone version.

You may also want to see the Selecting the Best Version of ACCOUNTS Software for your Needs page to help you decide which version to select.

Pricing (Details page) Standard Local Network and OnDemand
Annual Fee (includes support and upgrades) $95 $165
Free Support Period 60-day evaluation period 60-day evaluation period
Free Download Standard Local Network and OnDemand
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For details on where and how to install the two Local Network versions, click here.

For details on installing the OnDemand Version, click here.



The only differences in features between the Standard, Local Network, and OnDemand versions are the following.

Sharing Databases

  • The Standard version can share databases manually with backup and restore, transferring them to the other user somehow.
  • The Standard version can also automate the copying and sharing with its Cloud Storage Service. Only one user can make changes in the database at a time.
  • The Local Network and OnDemand versions each share a database file with all users, with no need for copying. Multiple users can make changes at the same time.

Multiple Databases for Multiple Organizations

  • The Standard version can have up to 5 databases at no extra charge.
  • The Local Network and OnDemand versions can have multiple databases at no extra charge.


  • The Standard, Local Network and OnDemand versions can make backups, and also email backups.
  • The Standard and Local Network versions can use the Internet Backups feature. The OnDemand version does not need that because its databases are already on a server.

Users and Passwords

  • The Standard and Local Network versions can assign a Program Entry password,and a password for Read-Only users.
  • The OnDemand Database version has separate logins and passwords for each user, and each user can be assigned any of the permissions granted by the different passwords in the other versions.

Speed of Operation

  • The Standard and Local Network versions are very fast.
  • The OnDemand version is a bit slower.

Location of Program and Database Files

  • The Standard and Local Network Server versions each have both the program and the database on the same Windows computer that you run them on.
  • The Local Network Client version has the program on your Windows computer, and accesses the data on another computer on your local network, which has the Local Network Server version installed.
  • The OnDemand version has both the program and data on a server, that you access through a remote-control OnDemand Client program that is installed on your Windows or Mac computer or Android or iOS (iPad) tablet.

See the Features page for an overall list of the features of the program.

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