Compare DONATION Online and Classic

We recently launched DONATION Online, a web app for managing all your donations! 

It has most of the DONATION features you know and love, and can be accessed from any device, anywhere, through your web browser. No desktop install needed. We designed the new product based your direct feedback from our customers.

The table below outlines the differences, feature wise, between DONATION Online and DONATION Classic. It will be updated as the app continues to evolve!

Note: “Classic” encapsulates the Standard and OnDemand versions, alongside legacy editions Lite and Local Network.

How to accessAccessible from any device, via a web browser.Requires a desktop install. (Windows and Mac devices, only)

Mac is limited to the OnDemand version.
Cloud Sync: simultaneous updatesIncludedOnly in the OnDemand version
User interfaceModern and easy to navigateClassic desktop app interface
Overview page with totals and graphsIncluded
Automatic software updatesIncludedOnly in the OnDemand version.
Standard requires manual updates by users.
Country availabilityCanada, USAAny (program only in English)
New features
Online GivingComing soon!Via Abundant or importing from other services
Backups & Restores
Ability to generate a backupN/A - Data is backed up on the cloud automatically.Included.
Ability to restore a backupN/A - data is always available and secure on the cloudIncluded
Billing & User Management
Payment plansMonthly and yearlyYearly only
Payment methodsVia Credit Card and US ACHVia Credit Card, US ACH, and Canadian PAD
PriceFree up to 25 donors, then price varies by # of donorsFree up to 25 donors with donations, then fixed price (Standard and OnDemand)
Max # of databases for your payment15 for Standard, Unlimited for OnDemand
User Roles PermissionsComprehensive permission settings.

(Learn more)
Comprehensive permission settings, including Limited User for counters or tellers.

Learn more: Standard, OnDemand
Managing receipts
Ability to issue and reissue receiptsIncludedIncluded
Save receipts as PDF filesIncludedIncluded
Send receipts via emailIncludedIncluded
Setup for emailing receiptsSimpleSimple for Gmail, more complex for others
Delete receiptsComing soon!Included
Filtered receiptsLimitedIncluded
Receipt stylesCanada, USACanada English, Canada French-only, Canada bilingual, USA, Australia, New Zealand
Managing donations
Ability to create and edit donationsIncludedIncluded
Batch entry of donations for one dateIncludedIncluded
Delete receipted donationsComing soon!Included
Pledges (other than multi-year and fiscal-year based pledges)Included (as of May 13 2024)Included (including multi-year, and fiscal-year based)
Bank depositsComing soon!Included
Recurring donationsComing soon!Included
Non-Receiptable donors and donationsEasy to specify with checkboxesMore complex to specify
Managing donors
Ability to create, edit, and delete donorsIncludedIncluded
Ability to email donors in the app, with optional attachmentCan email receiptsIncluded
Merge duplicate donorsIncluded
Bulk date change of donationsIncluded
Delete all data for a calendar yearIncluded
Split donors (duplicate and change)Included
Delete or hide inactive donorsN/A - this will eventually be handled by an Archiving feature for donors and their donations and receipts.Can delete in a new year
Built-in reportsDonation, Donor, Receipt, and Pledge reportsDonation, Donor, Receipt, Pledge, Bank Deposit, and User Login History reports
Ability to bookmark ("favourite") reportsIncluded
Memorized ReportsIncluded
Filtered viewsCan apply filters on the Donors and Donations viewsCan apply filters on built-in reports, also allows arbitrary filtering
Reports ScriptsIncluded
SQL SelectIncluded
Custom ReportsLimited, done through Donor and Donation viewsIncluded
Data import
Importing of donors, donations or bothComing soon!Included
Importing data from compatible systemsMembership Plus, GiftWorks, Geminon, Viansoft, PowerChurch Plus, and Roll Call
Mail-merge lettersComing soon!Included
Tracking donor communicationsIncluded
Help for the programKnowledge Base documentContext-sensitive help file
SupportVia form in the application, or emailVia email, can be launched from within the application
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