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DONATION Software Installation Quick Start

DONATION normally comes in one compressed file, for instance DONINST.EXE for the regular Standard version installation. Just download the appropriate file, run it, and follow the instructions.

To install DONATION on a computer with dial-up Internet or no Internet access:

  1. Download DONATION's installation file on another computer
  2. Copy that installation file to a USB memory key or writeable CD
  3. Run the file from the USB key or CD to do the installation on the computer with slow or no Internet access.

Detailed DONATION Software Installation Instructions

First download the DONATION installation file from its Download page by clicking on the appropriate button, labelled "Standard", "Local Network Server" etc. Your browser will then prompt you for a directory to download the file into - make sure you take note of what directory you selected. Some browsers will give you an option such as "Run this program from its current location" - that is OK too. (If you select that option, the next paragraph does not apply.)

If you chose to download the program into a specific directory, once it finishes downloading, use My Computer or Windows Explorer to find the downloaded file (such as DONINST.EXE) in the directory you downloaded it into. Run it, by double-clicking on it.

If you chose to Run the program from its current location, your browser will automatically download the program to a temporary location on your disk, and then run it.

Assuming your installation goes smoothly... The installation program prompts you through the process via a number of dialog boxes. In each one, make any required selections then click the "Next" button to go on to the next dialog. You will be required to select a directory to install parts of the program into. Unless you have some specific reason to change it, use the suggested default installation directory.

Starting up your DONATION Software

DONATION's desktop icon is a grey cash register. Double-click on it to start the program (if you didn't already start it by picking "Run DONATION" at the end of the installation process).

When you first run DONATION, it will ask you whether you are a new user, or an existing user with a database backup to restore. Assuming you are a new user, select that option. DONATION will then prompt you for the following:

  • The first year of data you plan to enter
  • Your organization's information (name, address, etc.)

You should now be ready to start entering donors and donations! (You can also return to that last point again later, if changes are needed.)

Getting Help for DONATION

Remember to read the help or manual, accessible from the program's Help menu. The Help file and PDF manual contain the same information. While the program is very easy to use and contains context-sensitive help for many areas (accessed with Shift-F1 or a Help button), there are a number of subtle points about issuing legal charitable receipts, particularly in Canada, that you should make sure you understand. There are also valuable tricks and tips about using the DONATION program efficiently that you might not figure out without reading the help or the manual.

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