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There is no charge for downloading and evaluating DONATION. However, to continue to use the full paid version of the program after you complete your evaluation, you are required to pay for it. The Lite version is completely free. See full details on PRICING/PAYMENT.

DONATION Software System Requirements

  • Windows Vista SP1 or higher, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 or Windows Server 2008 or later (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Mac functionality only if your Mac also has Microsoft Windows installed

Choose Your DONATION Software Free Download


  • Full paid versions of DONATION - Standard, Local Network, and OnDemand - start out as an evaluation version:
    • The evaluation period is 60 days. (Extensions may be available by request.)
    • You can only create sample charitable receipts, with a watermark.
  • After you have evaluated DONATION, if you decide to use it for your organization, simply make your payment, then request and install your license key through the program's Evaluation and Licensing window. Your existing data will be unaffected by this process or by any upgrade.
  • The free Lite version of the program does not start out as an evaluation version, and does not require payment, or a license key to use.


  • If your existing DONATION program has a Tools ⇒ Check for Updates menu option, you can skip this page, and just use that menu option to upgrade.
  • If you are unsure which version of DONATION you have now, choose the Help ⇒ About DONATION ... menu option in the program to find out.
  • To find out changes to recent versions, see the Revision History page in the online manual.
Version Free Download
Normal Standard Version 5.04c
Download this if:
  • You don't currently have a copy of DONATION, and want to start a free 60-day evaluation, or need to install it on a different computer, or
  • You want to upgrade your Standard version, or
  • You want to install DONATION again from scratch, or
  • You want to switch from DONATION Lite to the full paid version


(37,577,880 bytes)
Free Lite Version 5.04c
Download this if:
  • You don't currently have a copy of DONATION Lite, or
  • You want to upgrade your Lite version, or
  • You want to switch from a Standard version to DONATION Lite, or
  • You need to install DONATION Lite again from scratch


(34,871,752 bytes)
Local Network Server Version 5.04c
Download this if:
  • You want to run DONATION as a local network server, where other computers on your local network can access its database by the Local Network Client version, or
  • To upgrade or switch any version 2.50 or higher to the Local Network Server version

Download Local
Network Server

(42,001,128 bytes)
Local Network Client Version 5.04c
Download this if:
  • You are running DONATION as a local network server on another computer on your local network with the Local Network Server version, in order to access the database on that other computer, or
  • To upgrade or switch any version 2.50 or higher to the Local Network Client version

Download Local
Network Client

(36,536,248 bytes)
OnDemand Version
This version is cloud-based, so you do not install the DONATION program itself, only a small OnDemand client program that accesses it via remote-control.

The button at the right just takes you to the download links for the OnDemand client program for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS (iPad) tablets.


Installation CDs: We do not sell or supply installation CDs. There is no need for them, because you can always download DONATION's installation program from this web page.

If you want your own backup copy of that, or need to install on a computer without Internet access, you can download and save the installation file on a computer with Internet access, and copy it to a USB memory key or writeable CD. You can then use that copy to install DONATION on any computer, whether or not it has Internet access.

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