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Future Improvement of DONATION

Continuous Improvement

Cooperstock Software has continuously improved DONATION since its first release. See the Revision History page in the program's Help, or check the online revision history for details.

Our vision for the program is that it primarily tracks charitable donors and donations, and issues receipts. Some requested enhancements, such as tracking memberships, major fundraising features, more general church or organization administration, or turning it into a full accounting system, are beyond the intent of this software. (If you do need an accounting system, our ACCOUNTS program is available!)

For anyone that is interested in seeing the list of future work that we are considering doing, a read-only login to our internal project management system is available. Please contact us by email for the login information, if you would like to get access to that.

Help Improve the DONATION Software!

Cooperstock Software relies on volunteer beta testers, who try out work-in-progress versions of DONATION, to make it successful for all users. We also consult volunteer advisors with questions about the business, and questions about directions we should take in program development.

Subscribe To volunteer, click the Subscribe button to the left of this text to go to the blog. On the blog, fill in your email address in the field on the right, and click the Subscribe button under that. After confirming your subscription by clicking a button in an email that will be sent to you, you will then receive emails when there are new blog posts, which inform you when new versions are ready for testing, or send you questions for advisors. No special expertise is required! You'll help make DONATION a better product for everyone.

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