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Recommended Products and Services Related to DONATION Software

This page lists several products and services that we believe may be helpful to organizations such as charities and churches using the DONATION program.

We have evaluated each of the products and services on this page, and based on our careful investigation and reference checking we personally recommend them. While we will receive a small commission for any sales arising from the links and (where relevant) promotion codes on this page, we are primarily recommending these products and services because we believe they offer good quality at a good price.

We look forward to your feedback about any of these products or services, and we will consider all feedback in future offerings and/or adjustments of the list. Since these products and services are offered by completely independent companies, we cannot, of course, be responsible or liable for any issues regarding them.

Summary of the Products and Services

CauseVox Logo

CauseVox is an online fundraising platform that helps you design your own full-featured fundraising site for campaign, personal, and team fundraising. They built it with one purpose in mind: to tell your stories beautifully online, inspiring support and donations towards your cause. They do this through their simple, yet powerful, tools.

Charities, churches, non-profits and schools in the U.S.A. use CauseVox's social fundraising software. They love how easy and simple it is to set up a professional looking and fundraising-optimized site that is branded completely to their organization.

Pricing for CauseVox starts at free, with just a reasonable percentage per transaction.

To find out more information, visit

Note to current users of DONATION: It would be possible for us to build an integration, to import donations made via CauseVox into your DONATION database, and then issue the receipts from DONATION. We will do this once we hear from at least a few users that they are actively using CauseVox and would like to have this feature.

Note to users in Canada: As of June 2012, CauseVox can now also accept donations in Canadian dollars as well as US dollars.

PayrollCentral USA Logo
Welcome to painless payroll, with professional support.

Payroll Central USA has been serving clients for many years nationwide. Their payroll processing is very easy, and the first month is free, to try it out.

For one low flat fee per month you can:

  • run unlimited payroll (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
  • pay your clergy and/or employees either via direct deposit or check (payroll or 1099)
  • pay and file all your payroll tax and forms electronically
  • turn your payroll paperless
  • do your year-end filing of W-2, W-3 and 1098
  • handle all your deductions and reimbursement (Non-Profit clergy allowances), and
  • import data

There are no hidden or additional fees - just one low flat fee per month of $39.95 for up to 5 employees ($2.00 for each additional employee).

Sign up today at, with the promotion code: DCS4NP.

Note to users in Canada: This is probably obvious from its name, but PayrollCentral USA is only for organizations in the U.S.A.

PaymentEvolution Logo

PaymentEvolution Payroll is the easy and fast way for Canadian organizations to get your staff paid. Full featured - you get all the reports you need, and your employees get secure, online access to their pay information. The service is free to organizations with 5 or fewer employees and only $18/month flat rate for organizations with more employees.

This is full featured payroll:

  • Web-based, available from any modern web browser
  • Support for unlimited customizations, deductions, benefits
  • Completely paperless - all reports are online, including employee payslips, T4s and records of employment

You can optionally pay your clergy and staff via direct deposit for only 50 cents per transaction.

You can sign up directly today, or you can first read all about it at (If you start there, be sure to use the Referral Email/Code "software4nonprofits" when you do sign up.)

Note to users in the U.S.A.: PaymentEvolution supports Canadian payroll only.

Perfect Table Plan - create a table seating plan for your wedding or event
PerfectTablePlan is used to plan the seating arrangements for fundraising dinners, banquets, award ceremonies and wedding receptions. It handles everything from managing your guest list through assigning seats to printing floor plans, guest charts and place cards.

You can even export donor names from DONATION and import them into PefectTablePlan, for instance if you are inviting everyone on your donor list (or a selected subset) to a seated fundraising event.

Those of you in churches might also want to keep PerfectTablePlan in mind for recommending to couples who are getting married in your church, and having seated reception dinners elsewhere.

PerfectTablePlan is available for Windows and Mac from just $29.95. Download a free trial version now.

Sample screen - click to enlarge/shrink:
Windows table plan software - click to enlarge/shrink

NetMinistry Logo
NetMinistry is a 10 year old service that helps churches, ministries, and charities design, host, and manage a professional web presence with all of the features and flexibility you'd expect from an enterprise-level solution. The remarkable thing about this service is that every client goes through the process of having their website custom designed by their production team - something that you usually only get when you are paying thousands of dollars.

After they are done designing the look of your website, they plug it into their content management platform, which allows you complete control over your website content, images, and applications. You have access to everything from standard page content to blogs and e-commerce. They do all of this for as little as $199 up front and $34.95 per month. They also have lower price plans that offer more basic features as well as higher priced plans that pay them to manage your web presence for you.

Go to NetMinistry for a free quote, and mention Software4Nonprofits to receive a free domain registration or search engine submission with your purchase!

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