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Selecting the Best Version of DONATION Software for your Needs

This page will help you decide which version of DONATION to choose, based on your requirements, including whether you need to share a database between multiple computers and/or multiple users. Each section will start with a set of requirements, and follow that by our recommendations for your selection.

For general information to help you with your decision, please also see the Version Comparison page, and the Pricing page.

Unless otherwise indicated (which is only for the OnDemand version) all versions run only on computers running Microsoft Windows.

I have fewer than 100 donors with donations, and I don't need too many features.

Choose the free feature-limited Lite version, as long as its limitations, as shown on the Version Comparison page, meet your needs.

The only payment required for this version is a small Lite Support payment if you need technical support after your first 30 days.

I only need the program on one computer.

If the Lite version was not sufficient for your needs, use the full-featured Standard version. (All versions we refer to from here on have essentially the same features, except for how they are accessed and how sharing databases is done.)

This has the lowest Initial Purchase price of the full-featured versions. Optional Annual Renewal payments in the 2nd and subsequent years entitle you to further years of support and upgrades.

A major danger of having the program on only one computer, and not sharing backups with another user, is what can happen if the computer dies and there are no good backups to be found, or the various other situations that we have seen happen where the data just cannot be passed on to another user. So we do recommend choosing a method of regularly sharing at least a database backup, if not the program itself, with at least one other person in your organization.

I need the program on multiple computers, in different locations. I only need one user to use it at a time, and I need the lowest price.

Use the Standard version, and its Cloud Storage Service for safe, automatic sharing of your database. (Fairly fast and reliable Internet is required for this.)

There is no additional cost, beyond the basic cost for the Standard version, for using the Cloud Storage Service and having it on multiple computers.

I need the program on multiple computers, all in the same location, and I might need multiple users to use it at the same time.

Use the Local Network version.

This version requires installation of the Local Network Server version on one computer on your network (which does not have to actually be a server), and the Local Network Client version on additional computers. The price is higher than the price of the Standard version. Annual Renewal payments are still optional: you pay them if you want to continue your eligibility for support and upgrades.

If it is possible that you might at some point need access from a computer that is not in the same location, or if you want to avoid the complexity of installing multiple versions of DONATION and periodically upgrading them, please consider the next option instead.

I need the program on multiple computers, not all in the same location. I might need multiple users to use it at the same time, and I want simplified installation, and possibly the option to use it on a Mac or a tablet. (Only limited use is recommended on tablets!)

Use the OnDemand version. With this version, both the program and your data are on a server on the Internet, and you access that via a very small remote-control program. That small remote-control program is all you have to install, rather than the entire DONATION program, and we do the upgrading for you, on the server, when there are new releases of DONATION.

This version is slightly slower than previous versions on this list. It requires fairly fast and reliable Internet. The price is higher than the price of the Standard version, and Annual Renewal payments are absolutely required to keep using it. It is not recommended for users outside of North America, due to Internet delays to our server.

What about the Remote Database Version?

The Remote Database version was our earlier solution (before the OnDemand version was available) for users who need the program on multiple computers, not all in the same location, and might need multiple users to use it at the same time.

As of August 1, 2021, the Remote Database version is no longer available and can no longer be used.

Any remaining users of the Remote Database version who have not yet switched to another version need to switch to the Standard version with the Cloud Storage Service, or to the OnDemand version. We can assist you with that transition.

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