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Switching to DONATION Software

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Looking to replace your Membership Plus system (for which support ended after March 2016), ByTheBook Roll Call (being discontinued September 2021), PowerChurch Plus, GiftWorks (™ FrontStream Payments), or a program that has gone out of business, like Viansoft's Vian Church Contribution System, or Geminon Software Church Edition? Need an easier, less expensive and/or more user-friendly donor and donation management or church management program?

Consider DONATION. It has over 8,500 registered users, and it is very affordable, priced at only $75 for the Standard version, or $135 for the multi-user Local Network or OnDemand versions. That includes a year of upgrades and email technical support. There are no monthly fees! A free feature-limited Lite version is also available.

DONATION can Convert and Import your Data from:

  • Membership Plus - organization info, members, funds, and contributions (which are called donors, donation categories and donations in DONATION)
  • PowerChurch Plus - organization info, donors, donations, and donor and donation categories
  • ByTheBook Roll Call - donors, donations, and donor and donation categories
  • GiftWorks - donors, donations, and donor and donation categories
  • Viansoft Church Contribution System - donors, donations and donation categories
  • Geminon Software Church Edition - donors, donations and donation categories.
  • Wincrafters The Church Assistant - David Bridger, the author of The Church Assistant, retired after October 2011, and has recommended that his users switch to DONATION. DONATION can import much of your data from that program.
  • Possibly other competitive products in the future - ask us if you are interested.

DONATION's flexible features for importing donors and donations can also be used to import data from any other program that can export its data to Excel, CSV or tab-separated text files. To import both donors and donations, there must be a unique identifier in your exported data linking them, either a number, which can be imported as our Member/Envelope Number, or an email address.

DONATION has Solid Backing

To support DONATION, Cooperstock Software provides comprehensive documentation and quick, effective technical support via email.

  • The Help file is installed with the program, and it includes the same contents as the online help and the PDF manual, which are on the Documentation page.
  • A year of email technical support is included with your paid license (30 days for the Lite version, with support contracts available).
  • We publish a complete list of all new and changed features and fixed bugs in each new release of DONATION.
  • We receive many unsolicited testimonials.

DONATION Software is Just Right for Your Organization

Other programs such as Membership Plus and GiftWorks may have more features than DONATION. That may not make much difference to your organization if they do not work the way you want them to, they are not affordable, or you aren't using all of those features. Many small to mid-sized churches and charities find that DONATION is just what they need. Check out Why DONATION? and the Version Comparison page, which lists all features by version of DONATION.

Try DONATION Software for Free

Try a free 60-day evaluation of DONATION, or the completely free Lite version, and see how it can help you. As well as the ability mentioned above to import your donors, donation categories and donations from Membership Plus, GiftWorks, VianSoft or Geminon, you can use a simple DONATION feature to import your donors from other systems, as long as you can export the data from those systems as text or Excel files. (This feature is not in the Lite version, however.)

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